Joanna Gaines’ Christmas Present This Year Is Giving Her Major ’80s Flashback’

by Chase Thomas

Christmas has already come and gone, Outsiders, if you can believe it. It’s an exciting time for kids all over the country to finally wake up and find out what Santa Claus delivered them after months and months of waiting. It is undoubtedly an exciting time. Those next few days after Christmas, though, is when even more fun takes place for the kids. This is a time when kids can try out and have fun with their new toys and gadgets. Sometimes, though, this can include the parents. Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines experienced that this week. Yes, Joanna Gaines’ Christmas present this year is giving her major ’80s flashback’.

In a new Instagram post, Gaines posted an awesome new video with her and her family on roller skates having fun around their property in Waco.

For the caption, Joanna Gaines wrote, “I’m having an 80’s flashback! I got a pair of skates for Christmas, and minus the goats and the cattle guard and the manure, I felt like I was back in the roller rink all over again!”

Fans loved the video. One fan wrote in the comments, “I think we need to bring back skating rinks! I was born in the late 80s but feel like it was one of the best decades!”

Another fan wrote, “My daughter got skates for Christmas so I put mine on and cooked Christmas dinner and cleaned in them. Skated around the house for hours.”

Chip And Joanna Gaines

The Magnolia Network is a big-time creation for the Gaines family. But what’s the story behind such a unique name? Where did it come from? Well, Chip and Joanna spilled to EW how it came to be. On one of the first dates, they were out and about around Baylor and saw this beautiful, old magnolia tree.

Joanna Gaines said, “One that you would climb. Chip and I were driving by and it was blooming these gorgeous white fragrant blooms. Then Chip used to always tell me, because he was in the landscape business, how he could climb and scale this tree. He picked a bloom and it was like the first flower I ever got from him.”

How adorable is that, Outsiders? The first flower Joanna ever got from Chip came from a flower on that tree.

In terms of coming up with future shows on the network, she said, “My mind doesn’t typically wander. It’s a show about cooking? We can call it “The Cooking Show.” I like to keep things very simple. Even now, I’ve got these approvals for names of shows on my desk and I’m going through them. I don’t take it lightly. Like I really try to think, okay, what is the story we’re telling? What is the talent doing? What are they passionate about? It’s fun to see these shows come alive.”

Now Joanna Gaines is looking for new shows. It has all changed in this regard for the Fixer Upper stars.