Joanna Gaines Previews Her ‘Favorite Rooms’ Ahead of Magnolia Network ‘Fixer Upper’ Premiere

by Suzanne Halliburton

Welcome back, Fixer Upper! Joanna Gaines shared some snaps of the show Tuesday on social media to help build even more interest in Magnolia Network.

Discovery will rebrand its DIY Network into Magnolia, Wednesday. And Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper series should be the highlight of the day. The new version officially is called Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. It was available on the Discovery+ streaming service. But starting Wednesday, you can find it on cable.

Joanna Gaines posted a gallery of photos from the show on her Instagram. She captioned the Fixer Upper gallery: “We’re counting down the hours until Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premieres on TV! Swipe to see some of my favorite rooms for the season. Tune in tomorrow night at 9/8p CT on Magnolia Network.”

Covid pushed back the TV premiere of the Magnolia Network from a initial date in October, 2020, to the first week of 2022. Besides the new version of Fixer Upper, other shows on the network include Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, Restoration Road with Clint Harp, Home Work, The Lost Kitchen, Family Dinner, The Johnnyswim Show and Super Dad. There also is a library of Fixer Upper from its five seasons on HGTV.

As fans know, Fixer Upper gave the Gaines a platform far beyond Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna Gaines, along with their five kids, mainly sold authenticity as they redesigned homes around Central Texas. You bought that Chip was the goofy dad and that Jo Jo would cook fantastic meals for the kids, then spend extra hours redecorating a home for their clients. Their empire started growing with a complex of businesses and restaurants in and around Waco, making this medium-sized town a tourist destination. And the Gaines also sold their decor brand at national chains like Target.

Finally, their network dream comes true.

In a statement issued last fall, the Gaines said of their new venture:

“That’s what we’ve set out to build with Magnolia Network, and we’ve been amazed by the stories and storytellers we’ve found, people whose lives are living proof that our world is full of beauty, hope, courage, and curiosity. We can’t wait to see these stories brought to life on cable this January, and we’re hopeful about the impact it might have — to help reclaim the best of what television can be.”

Fixer Upper first aired on HGTV from 2013-18. Real estate still is relatively inexpensive around Waco, so the couple could help find affordable homes, then redo them. That’s when Joanna established the trend of farmhouse chic.

She still has the same aesthetic in the Fixer Upper photos she posted on Instagram. She uses lots of greens, grays and copper in her decor, but she’s switched it up a bit. One home features a brick floor. In another photo, she’s painted a feature wall dark gray. She relies on medium brown wood in most of the renovations. One room sports an all wooden ceiling, while another uses exposed beams. It all looks very Joanna Gaines.