Joanna Gaines Reveals ‘Favorite Candy Recipes’ Ahead of Christmas

by Madison Miller

In addition to being a wizard when it comes to interior decorating, “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines is also extremely talented in the kitchen.

She has a number of her own cookbooks, including “Magnolia Table” and “Magnolia Bakery.” She’s incredibly talented and has a number of delicious and stunning recipes she has shared with the world.

Joanna Gaines Favorite Candy Recipes

One of which is some of her favorite candy recipes she likes to make right as the holidays approach. She recently posted an epic timelapse of her swirling around like a helicopter in the kitchen. The island is full of different kinds of treats sitting on the counter waiting to be completed.

Different members of her family also drop by to sit and watch or help her out as well, which is incredibly sweet to see in this insanely fast timelapse. The kids and others come and go, but Joanna Gaines stays in the kitchen the whole time. She captioned the whole thing, “I may have eaten one too many peanut butter balls.”

She has an entire blog post dedicated to the candies she loves to make the most.

“There’s something so nostalgic and joyful about baking during the holiday season. Every year, my girls and I camp out in the kitchen for a full day—blasting Christmas music—making and packaging homemade candy for our family and friends. Delivering that box of delight always makes those long hours in the kitchen time well spent,” wrote Gaines.

This year the sweets of choice were Old Fashioned Caramels, peanut butter balls, Aunt Mary’s Cherry Mashers, and Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle.

She includes the recipes for each of these delicious-sounding delicacies. And, of course, each of her pictures looks like they’re ready to grace the cover of a cookbook or a magazine. That’s Joanna Gaines for you after all.

New Magnolia Network Show

Amongst all of the Gaines family’s Christmas cheer is more good news for their Magnolia Network.

According to Deadline, the network just gave the green light to two different half-hour pilots. One is “Zest for Life with Eduardo Garcia.” It features chef and entrepreneur Eduardo Garcia as the star. He will share other people’s harrowing life stories and how they made it out of the situation even stronger. This show will drop on Discovery+ on December 26.

Garcia is the co-founder of Montana Mex and is called the “bionic chef.” He has a prosthetic arm and had to teach himself to cook all over again.

The other pilot is “Rental Redo” with interior designer and stylist Keyanna Bowen. This program gives viewers different cost-effective tips on making rental spaces feel like home. This pilot will drop on December 17.