Joanna Gaines’ ‘Roller Rink Dreams’ Come True on Set of ‘Magnolia Table’

by Amy Myers

Joanna Gaines is rolling right into her seventh season of Magnolia Table. Alongside her husband and co-star Chip, the two always find a way to make the set more interesting. During her last day of filming, Joanna decided to break out her roller skates and take a few laps around the house. And of course, she had to share some of her funnier moments with her fans, so she posted a few outtakes on Instagram.

“Wrapped filming for season 6 of #MagnoliaTable today and we had a fun! Special thanks to the team for making my roller rink dreams come true with the disco ball and multicolor lights! #HaveAfun @magnolianetwork,” Joanna Gaines captioned the post.

The clip opened with Chip laying on the floor as Joanna zoomed past him to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Then we saw the Magnolia Table star boot-scooting her way down the stairs with her green and pink skates strapped on her feet. Clearly, she couldn’t even wait until she got onto level ground to break them out. It appears that Joanna Gaines spent an entire episode on skates, as she rolled through her gorgeous kitchen to the fridge and back to the counter where a disco ball awaited her.

Joanna Gaines Explains Origin Behind Her New Catchphrase, “Have a Fun”

If you noticed that Joanna Gaines included the hashtag, “#HaveAfun,” this is no typo. Rather, this is the phrase that Joanna has adopted as her new catchphrase and her new year’s resolution.

In a past Instagram post, the Magnolia Table star explained the significance behind the quirky saying and how it has made a huge impact on her life.

“I’ve always been more of a “all work, no play” kinda gal. I take life too seriously sometimes (ok, most of the time) but life has a way of reminding me to slow down and play more,” Gaines admitted. “Every time I get off the phone with my mom, she ends the call with—”Don’t forget JoJo, have a fun!” I had her write it down so I could always have it in her writing.”

She continued, “When I was thinking of all that 2022 could be and all that I want for myself and my family, I was trying to think of big meaningful words and deep thoughts but I just kept hearing my mom’s simple words in her beautiful accent, ‘Have a fun JoJo!'”

With that, Joanna vowed to worry less, skate more and “have a fun.”

And from the looks of her latest video, she’s already kept her promise.