Joanna Gaines Says ‘Get Your Remotes Ready’ for This Week’s Magnolia Network Debut

by Amanda Glover

The co-founder of Magnolia, Joanna Gaines, has exciting information to share with her fans!

Earlier today, the best-selling author shared a video teasing the upcoming Magnolia Network debut. Her caption reads: “Get your remotes ready—Magnolia Network is coming to TV January 5! #MagnoliaNetwork.”

Fans of Joanna and her husband, Chip, expressed their excitement in the comments. This includes actress, Drew Barrymore. “Oh, I’ve been binging your old show all weekend and can’t wait for the premiere of the new show! @magnolianetwork is gonna be on all the time.” Another fan replied to Barrymore’s post by expressing their admiration for the couple’s show. “@drewbarrymore Agreed. I have been addicted to Chip and Jo Jo for years now and it all only gets better.”

At the beginning of the video, Joanna hilariously explains to her husband how everyone will be accessing Magnolia Network. After Gaines tosses her husband the remote, Chip appears confused with how the complicated device does its job. “Baby, you just push that top button; that’s it,” Joanna says after getting fed up with the confusion. Good times, right?

Most recently, Gaines has wanted to spend more time at home with Chip and their five children. They’ve also been passionate about being in places that feel like home. Their goals are to inspire others to put together a home and a life that makes them happy. “But we’ve learned that home doesn’t have to be a physical destination. Any place you feel you feel known, loved, and always welcomed back is a home of its own.”

Joanna Gaines Shares Inspiring Story

In late December, the Fixer Upper star shared a heartfelt story detailing how New York City has made a difference in her career. She begins by mentioning how Times Square has advertised the Magnolia Network. “Never in a million years would I have thought something like this could happen—in Times Square!”

People have called the popular city the place where adventure happens and dreams come true. Thankfully, it seems to be that way for Gaines. Her post describes the author’s first visit to the city and how it was where it all started for her.

“If you scroll, you’ll see a picture of me the very first time I visited New York City. On that trip, something in my heart told me I would live there one day and sure enough, I moved back for an internship in television my last year in college. The irony is that while I was there, I fell in love with the small boutiques I’d frequent on the weekends—they felt the most like home to me. My dreams and passions started to shift while I lived there and when I got home, I decided to pursue a different direction. I felt so guilty for shifting gears because I had spent five years in college studying television.”

Gaines’s post proves to others that they can change directions from a path they thought they were meant to be on. That path can guide them to somewhere they were meant to be all along.