Joanna Gaines Wants to ‘Worry Less’ and ‘Have A Fun’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rob Kim/Getty Images

It looks like Joanna Gaines is going to be our inspiration once again going into the new year.

The “Fixer Upper” star has made herself into a billionaire through all of her business and entertainment ventures. That includes the cookbook, the businesses and shops, the home decor line, and being the owner of her own TV network.

Despite all that work, Gaines is reminding herself what truly matters to her in life.

Joanna Gaines Important Life Message

Gaines recently posted a series of photos on Instagram revolving around the idea of having more fun in life. “I’ve always been more of an ‘all work, no play’ kinda gal. I take life too seriously sometimes (ok, most of the time) but life has a way of reminding me to slow down and play more,” she captioned the photos.

She also shared a really touching moment she had with her mother. She said each time she gets off the phone with her mother she ends the conversation by saying, “Don’t forget JoJo, have a fun!” Now, those words are her new mantra as she skates into 2022.

“When I was thinking of all that 2022 could be and all that I want for myself and my family, I was trying to think of big meaningful words and deep thoughts but I just kept hearing my mom’s simple words in her beautiful accent, ‘Have a fun JoJo!'” she also wrote with the post.

It’s certainly a good motto heading into the new year. It’s something we could all benefit from, not just someone as busy and successful as Joanna Gaines.

Gaines’ Christmas Gift This Year

It seems like Gaines is already having a lot of fun after an awesome Christmas gift she received.

She shared that one of her Christmas gifts was a brand new pair of roller skates. It was a very ’80s chic gift that she immediately hit the trails with at her ranch. She posted a video skating with her daughters and already looks like quite the pro.

Also, she’s laughing and spinning and certainly living up to that promise of fun-filled memories. “I’m having an 80’s flashback! I got a pair of skates for Christmas, and minus the goats and the cattle guard and the manure, I felt like I was back in the roller rink all over again!” Gaines wrote with the video.

It’s a moment of peace before their lives may get a little more hectic this week. On January 5, Chip and Joanna Gaines will be launching the Magnolia Network on cable television. It’s taking over what was once the DIY Network. This is where fans can watch shows like “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,” “Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines,” as well as more than 20 other original shows.