‘Joe Kidd’ Star Paul Koslo Reflects on Working With Robert Duvall and Clint Eastwood

by Liz Holland

“Joe Kidd” was a multi-million dollar box office film, and a western classic at that. The 1972 movie featured an impressive cast, including the likes of Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall. The John Sturges directed film follows the story of an ex-bounty hunter who gets hired by a wealthy landowner named Frank Harlan. Harlan needs this bounty hunter to track down Mexican revolutionary leader Luis Charma, who’s fighting for land reform. The film fills specifically the “Revisionist Western” genre.

Amongst the films’ cast is Paul Koslo, who plays a character named Roy in the movie. Koslo worked closely with the film’s stars Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall, making plenty of memories along the way. In a 2017 interview with A Word on Westerns, Koslo dishes some on-set details and reveals what it was really like working with the western staple actors. 

“When you’re working with great actors like Robert Duvall, the things that I remember mostly is about their acting, the interaction that these actors have,” Koslo reflects. 

The Wild, Wild West and Their Wild Moments On Set

Koslo explains it’s the moments of hilarity on set that stick out in his mind the most. He recalls a particularly funny moment on the set of “Joe Kidd.” “I remember just the funny things. Like, Running Deer was this Indian, we were shooting that up in … Big Pine, and up in Mammoth. This was in like ‘72, we just had so much fun,” says Koslo.  

The actor continues, describing costar Robert Duvall as a “total cut up.” The cast was on a mountain during a particularly windy day when Duvall did something extra mischievous. 

“Clint [Eastwood] was riding his horse in the Alabama hills up there, and it was… I don’t know if you know how windy it can get up in the high desert, but it can really get windy. Clint had to cinch his hat up,” Koslo remarks. 

Robert Duvall Makes the ‘Joe Kidd’ Crew Laugh

“The whole crew was there, and he’s walking his horse. I mean, Clint is a beautiful rider, riding a beautiful horse. And the whole crew and actors are waiting for him to do the shot. Well it’s blowing [wind] so hard, the gusts must be about 70, 80 miles an hour. People were holding down stuff, and shiny boards and everything else,” says Koslo.

He adds that the wranglers had their hats held down to their head, demonstrating how tightly they had to hold their hats to keep them from blowing away in the desert wind. Koslo continues, “Bobby’s waiting, [and] all of the sudden Bobby cuts the biggest fart you’ve ever heard!.. In [the] front of the wranglers, his hat just flew off at the same time. And Bobby said, ‘Goddun I blew his bloody brains out!’ And of course the director… looked over and everybody was laughing, it just ruined the whole shot.”

Sounds like these actors certainly knew how to have fun on set!