John Fogerty Shows Off His 1968 ‘Hippie Bus’ on ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

by Matthew Memrick

Rock musician John Fogerty’s 1968 VW “Hippie Bus” was one of a few stars on a recent CNBC episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” show.

Stars Paul Reiser, Dwight Yoakam, Wilmer Valderrama, and the legendary Aston Martin Tribute DB5 James Bond car took turns on the show, according to Scode Mustang.

But John Fogerty and Leno had some fun driving together, but apart.

John Fogerty’s Long Strange Trip

Leno leads Fogerty’s bus down Los Angeles landmark Mullholland Drive in a late model Mercedes. The two men drive with cameras focused on them, AirPods in their ears, and a camera crew in front of Leno for a hilly drive.

The singer-songwriter talks about his bus in the short, 49-second clip.

“A few years ago,” Fogerty tells Leno, “we started doing a show called My 50-year trip.”

In 2019, John Fogerty told 8 News Now about the bus a little. He told an interviewer, “the most plentiful reaction (to the bus) was smiles.”

Fogerty tells the host it reflected his appearance at Woodstock with the band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“And I think the number one symbol of being a hippie would be (having) a hippie bus,” the musician said.

Leno laughed, “it looks so, (time) period. It’s hilarious.”

The two men drive up a hill, and John Fogerty laughs that he made “his first transition to low gear.”

“That’s awesome,” he added as the bus’s motor revs up to tackle the higher elevation.

John Fogerty tells Leno the bus it’s a 1968 model. The host responds that would mean it has about 36 or 40-horsepower.

Fogerty Reunites With Army’s Six-String Soldiers

An upcoming “Songs of Service” TV special on Saturday after the Army-Navy game will feature John Fogerty in a tribute to the military.

According to, the musician will perform his song, “Fortunate Son,” with the Army’s Six-String Soldiers band. Recently, the singer performed with the band.

The U.S. Army Field Band will star in the special, set to air on select CBS stations.

“SEAL Team” star Toni Trucks, who plays logistics officer Lisa Davis on the Paramount+ series show, will host the event.

Trucks will present musical performances and vignettes showcasing veterans from World War II to the present-day service members. Active-duty service members will be on camera as well with Trucks.

New York City and Philadelphia CBS stations will air the show. Check other local CBS stations for more details. You also can watch the show on-demand via Pluto TV or on the We Are The Mighty YouTube Channel.

“I’m so proud to honor all those who serve with so many amazing songs from the Army Field Band and even a special performance from Vietnam veteran John Fogerty,” Trucks said in a press release. “Songs of Service is an amazing tribute to all those who have served past, present, and future.”