John Wayne Got Holly Jolly as Santa Claus in Vintage Photo

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Did you ever want to see John Wayne dressed up as Santa Claus? Well, Outsiders, this is your lucky day as “The Duke” brings gifts.

Wayne, the forever American Western cowboy hero, gets in the spirit of the holiday season.

This photo comes from the John Wayne Estate and gets sent out on the official Instagram account.

Take a look at John Wayne, at far right, smiling and delivering some goodies.

You know, Outsiders, that “The Duke” never actually played Santa Claus in a movie.

Is it possible that he showed up on some TV variety show in the garb?

Yes, it’s possible. But there appears to be no conclusive information about that at all. Still, John Wayne fans can revel at their hero delivering Christmas gifts to some of them.

Ah, we probably can hear him say in that famed voice, “Merry Christmas to one and all!”

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to see him in something different than a cowboy hat.

John Wayne Estate Plans Celebration For 50th Anniversary of ‘Big Jake’

Back in November, the Estate of John Wayne promoted their upcoming 50th-anniversary celebration of his 1971 classic western Big Jake.

So, the movie career of “The Duke” was winding down a bit as the film was directed by George Sherman. Just five years later, John Wayne called it a career with 1976’s The Shootist. It closed the book on his iconic 50-year acting career, which included features in 169 movies.

Sherman also took on Big Jake as his final film. Sherman already worked with John Wayne on multiple classic western films. They paired up one last time. Well, let’s just say that Big Jake didn’t set the critics’ nights on fire.

Mixed reviews were posted about the flick. But Big Jake totaled $7.5 million in box office in the United States alone. The collars might look pretty puny. But that $7.5 million put it among the most successful films of the year.

So, 2021 is Big Jake‘s 50th anniversary. The Estate of John Wayne has a special tribute in store. Some of the original cast is coming together. That includes Patrick and Ethan Wayne, two of John Wayne’s sons.

In the movie, Patrick played James McCandles and Ethan starred as Little Jake alongside their famous father.

But the movie history of Wayne is something true-blue fans know is deep, broad, and very much of a Western genre. Of course, Wayne fans also can watch “the Duke” in numerous war-themed movies. Probably one of his most famous ones in that vein was In Harm’s Way.

Others might look at Sands of Iwo Jima or The Longest Day as options.