John Wayne Had Christmas at Sea in Vintage Photo of the Duke

by Joe Rutland

If you know about the life of John Wayne, then you know he loved sending time on the water. Turns out he celebrated Christmas there, too.

Another classic picture of The Duke from the John Wayne Estate has been sent out on Instagram.

Thousands of Wayne fans really do love seeing these flashback photos.

His sons Patrick and Ethan do their best to keep them coming. Take a look at this one with Wayne right next to some Christmas cheer.

Do you want to know what some of these fans have to say?

One writes, “My favorite person, John Wayne, I loved him so much, always will!”

Another one shares, “My dad and my brothers love John Wayne I have to say our whole family loves John Wayne”.

Yet this one has some thoughts about the boat itself. The fan writes, “I believe that was John Wayne’s Corvette that he had converted over to a yacht.”

Finally, we have this comment that probably sums up everyone who saw this photo: “What a marvelous candid picture! Thank you so much for sharing this!”

That’ll do for this picture of The Duke aboard his boat. Did you happen to see that Polaroid camera with flashes connected to it? Looks like he was doing some of his own photography, too.

John Wayne Had On-Screen Presence Influenced By Silent Movie Star

When you talk about America’s most iconic actors, then you bet your backside John Wayne is included.

Now, can you visualize his voice, moves, and attitude right now?

This should not be that hard for any fan of his work.

Everyone has a mentor, or so it seems, in life. Who just was his mentor? Who put him on the right path decades ago and gave him terrific career advice?

Well, here’s some info from the first John Wayne Gritcast hosted by his son, Patrick Wayne. Patrick’s sister Marisa and brother Ethan also appear on the show, too.

OK, so who was his mentor?

Silent film star Harry Carey. He would start playing more character actor-type of roles in talking pictures.

Son Patrick Wayne recalls when his father was “getting a little success under his belt,” he went to Carey and asked what he should do next.

Turns out that Ethan Wayne would call Carey’s advice his father’s “true north.”

Patrick says this was Carey’s advice to his father: “They want to walk in there and they want to leave the theater knowing that you can have a different name, you can have a different story around you, everything. But that guy has to be the guy who they have come to appreciate and love.”