John Wayne Once Hilariously Showed How to Wear a Hat

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

John Wayne was one cool dude when it came to wearing a hat. But he actually showed off a pretty funny, humorous way to wear one.

Much to our surprise, Saturday happened to be National Hat Day.

The John Wayne Estate had a way of actually celebrating the day with a tip of the hat from the Duke himself.

Who else could get away with a golf hat and cowboy hat on at the same time?

Only John Wayne and it looks like, from the state of that shirt, he worked up a good sweat.

Cowboy hats were nothing new to him. Like, how many movies did he appear in as a cowboy? Too many to count, Outsiders.

But hats and the Duke are definitely a story in and of themselves.

No one in film history could make a cowboy hat look more proper than him.

Of course, he could look silly in one just if the role called for it.

Never in his career would he disrespect the hat or what it stood for in the movies of the day.

Wearing a cowboy hat for John Wayne stood for something. The legendary movie actor just could make scenes stand out even more thanks to his look, demeanor, and ability to say his lines.

John Wayne could just make it all work, man. Give it up to the Duke.

John Wayne Co-Star Recalls Him Feuding with Legendary Actress Katharine Hepburn

Oh boy, some chatter about Katharine Hepburn and John Wayne feuding. Nothing would make more sense than this taking place.

Both of them were just different actors with different styles.

Rooster Cogburn actor Paul Koslo talked about this in an interview on A Word on Westerns.

“I mean, Kate and him, they were always like this,” Koslo said as he mimics fists hitting one another.

A main point of discontent? Wayne was a Republican; Hepburn was a Democrat.

“It seemed like… in a fun way,” Koslo says. “I don’t know if it was for real. You know, she would be sitting on the hood of a truck going like a hundred feet down to the set where they were shooting, and how (director Hal) Wallis was having heart attacks. She was really a daredevil, and she was full of piss and vinegar.”

Most of his screen time in the movie was with Wayne.

In one scene, “We were moving this nitroglycerin to another location because we were going to rob the U.S. Treasury with it, and he’s about to ambush us. There in the rocks with Kate, she’s shooting.”