John Wayne’s Co-Star Paul Koslo Talked Meeting the Duke for First Time on ‘Rooster Cogburn’

by Hannah Heser

In an interview from 2017, Paul Koslo talks about meeting the Duke on Rooster Cogburn for the first time. For those who aren’t familiar with this movie, it’s a 1975 American Western film that stars John Wayne and Paul Koslo himself.

In the film, Wayne played the role of a U.S. Marshal named Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn while Koslo portrayed Luke.

In other words, “A Word on Westerns” YouTube Channel uploaded an interview with Paul Koslo on his experience with this movie. And in the interview, he discussed the film from what it was like when he met the Duke to other adventures. Are you ready to go behind the scenes of the one and only Rooster Cogburn?

Paul Koslo Shares the Story of When He First Met the Duke

Firstly, the video starts with Paul Koslo telling everyone that he couldn’t stand the Duke as an actor. Why do you think that is? Well, you can find out his story below!

Then, the host introduces Koslo as someone who appears in John Wayne films and other great Western pictures. Can you name a few others? For instance, one of them is Voyage of the Damned where he played a concentration camp survivor.

Soon after the introduction, the interviewer asks his first question.

With that being said, “Paul, when you first met Duke, what was it like?” he asked.

“My first impression of the Duke was the first morning of shooting the film,” Koslo answered.

Obviously, he didn’t take time to get to know the person. But what would happen if he did, would he still end up disliking the Duke?

Meanwhile, he goes into more detail.

“The Duke and Kate were 50 feet away from me and all the bad guys were in the tent where you eat lunch. Then, the director and the rest of the cast came over to introduce Katharine Hepburn to all of the bad guys.”

Afterward, the Duke went up to Koslo and asked what part he is playing in an evil-like voice.

“I told him I’m playing Luke the Duke,” Koslo said. “No you’re not. You’re playing Luke the puke because there’s only one Duke around here,” the Duke replied.

As the audience roars in laughter, Koslo said: “And yeah, that was my first impression.”

All in all, we know that Koslo never liked the Duke. However, there are always going to be people you don’t like in life.

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