John Wayne’s Son Remembers How He ‘Almost Exploded’ Over Christmas Gift From The Duke

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

We all know that the great John Wayne was a legend during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Turns out he was a legend when it came to buying Christmas presents as well.

If you are reading this right now, then there’s a very good chance you know who John Wayne is. And even if you don’t know him, you have at least heard his name. After all, Wayne was basically the entire face of the Western film genre and he is without a doubt one of the most iconic actors of all time. “The Duke,” as so many people often referred to him, starred in more than 80 movies while on top of Hollywood. But he is perhaps best known for his work in Westerns and war movies.

Despite being one of the biggest stars on the planet for decades, not as much is known about Wayne’s sons and his grandkids. On Saturday, the official John Wayne Instagram account shared a video where Ethan Wayne talked about a couple of Christmas gifts he received from his pops.

“I remember two presents that Dad gave me,” he said. “One was like a Johnny-something gun. Johnny Quest or something like that. It was like a gun and I couldn’t believe that I had it. Couldn’t believe it. So excited.”

Ethan Wayne’s Love for Motorcycles

What is the second gift? Well, let’s just say it has two wheels and goes fast.

“The other thing was, he pushed me towards horses, but I just had a craving for the motorcycle when I was a kid. A bunch of my buddies had little motorcycles and I’d ride those and it drove me crazy.”

Ethan remembers being excited seeing his present while it was still in the box.

“There was a big box,” he recalled. “And I never for a minute thought that was my present that was in that box. The box was almost the size of this table. A big box that was taped to the floor. And it ended up being my present. It was a mini bike. And I almost exploded.”

John Wayne Fans Respond to Ethan’s Christmas Story

As for John Wayne fans, many of them took to the comments section of the post to reminisce about their own Christmas memories.

“I really can’t pick a favorite,” one fan said. “Every Christmas was a great day growing up.”

“A very tight year moneywise,” another fan began. “We didn’t have anything. My dad went into a bike shop and did some consulting work, they paid him with 3 kids bikes. One for me and one for each of my brothers. Best surprise ever, and a testament to my parents ingenuity in hard times.”

“The Duke is the king!” said a third follower. “God bless an American legend! Missed by all….”