‘John Wick 4’ Filmmaker Reveals Movie’s Process for Great Action Shots

by Craig Garrett

John Wick 4‘s director, Chad Stahelski opened up about creating mind-blowing action scenes with star Keanu Reeves. The John Wick franchise is built on action sequences. With three installments under its belt, there are high expectations for part 4. Director Stahelski spoke about some of the action scenes he grappled with in a recent interview with Collider.

“Yeah, we know until we got there, and we realized like, ‘Holy [crap]. It’s like a million [tons] of water. How [are] we going to do that?’ So, there’s that, so we figured that one out and there’s one for the end of the film that I think we’ve almost got figured out, so we can be initiating, so I’ll have an end of the movie. So, I’ll let you know how that goes. You’d be the first to know.”

So does this mean the scene in question has already been shot? Has the filmmaker already put the John Wick 4 scene in the can? “Well, a lot of things go into when you start messing with you want to do things that can’t be like, ‘I can’t control the sun. I don’t even know, and I don’t think we can control the sun.’ So, you start blocking and playing, and you want a certain look,” he explained. “So, we’ve tried to do something at the end that is emotional and has cool lighting and looks. And we took our best stab at it, how we shoot all the pieces.”

The director revealed the scene is still in the editing process.”Now, putting them together, we’re still like, ‘Yeah, it’s a little bit more of a puzzle than we thought.’ But we have the right people, so I think we’ll crack it.”

The director of John Wick 4 balked at directing Reeves and martial arts superstar Donnie Yen

Stahelski couldn’t believe his good fortune of getting to direct two cinematic martial arts legends in the same project. Of course, Reeves made his action reputation on the Matrix films and John Wick. Meanwhile, Donnie Yen is a prolific martial arts star. He’s a legend just for his 4 film martial arts saga, the Ip Man series.

Yen stars as Ip Man in the martial arts films, which follows his life from fleeing with his family to establishing a school where he’d later teach Bruce Lee. Yen had already made headlines as an action hero in Asia before the blockbuster franchise’s worldwide phenomenon, becoming one of Asia’s best-known action stars.

Stahelski admits to being in awe of Donnie Yen. “Well, again, the 18-year-old me would have been like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’d do this,'” he said. To break the tension, the director would crack wise. “That’s, I’m not going to lie, I giggle. I’d make jokes all the time. It’s like Donnie would come up with a question, I’d start giggling. He’s like, ‘What’s wrong with you, man?’ I was, ‘I’m directing Donnie Yen, what do you think I’m doing?'”

John Wick 4 is due out in March of 2023.