‘Judge Judy’ Bailiff Petri Byrd Explains Why He Spoke Out About Not Being on Her New Show

by Amy Myers

According to Judge Judy‘s former right-hand man, Petri Byrd, he doesn’t get bitter, he just gets better. So when he found out that he wouldn’t be appearing on Judy Sheindlin’s new show, Judy Justice, he claimed he doesn’t harbor any negative feelings towards the television star. Rather, he was grateful for the number of fans that he had that rallied for his spot in Sheindlin’s courtroom.

Recently, the Judge Judy bailiff answered fans’ burning question regarding his absence on the new show. While in his car, Byrd explained his reaction to the news and his message for his former co-star.

“You have a right not to have who you don’t want to have on your show,” Byrd shared. “Only thing I would ask is that you let me know.”

Listen to his full explanation in the clip below.

Byrd added that he could have been “fielding offers” from other shows. So, without knowing his status with the upcoming series, he potentially could have turned down other promising offers.

“I might be… refusing offers or putting them on the back-burner because I’m thinking, you know, we’re going to continue this adventure together,” he explained.

Despite the lapse in communication, Byrd still thinks highly of Judge Judy and refuses to let the situation dampen his outlook on the future.

“My whole thing is, I’m not trying to drive looking in the rear-view mirror,” Byrd said. “I wish Judge Judy the best and I hope things work out for her.”

As for any unresolved issues that Sheindlin might have with the bailiff, he had an answer for that, too.

“She’s got my number,” he said.

‘Judge Judy’ Releases Trailer for New IMDb TV Series

While, unfortunately, we won’t see Byrd beside Judge Judy’s bench, but we will get the chance to meet some new faces on her upcoming series. Recently, IMDb TV released the official trailer for Judy Justice which gave viewers a sneak peek of the new courtroom and members of Sheindlin’s team. One of them was Bailiff Kevin Rasco, a retired Los Angeles probation officer, who Sheinlin described as “one of the warmest people.”

Besides the bailiff, Sheindlin has also brought two new team members to the forefront of the screen, stenographer Whitney Kumar and law clerk Sarah Rose, who also happens to be Judge Judy’s granddaughter.

“Sarah is wired like I am,” Sheindlin said. “She’s a little snarky. I like that.”

Sheindlin, herself, is excited to start her new adventure and continue her career behind the bench.

“I’ve been sort of alone for the past 25 years. Now I have a new team,” the judge said. “To have them help me create this new show is really giving me a third act or a fourth act.”

Watch the trailer below.