‘Judge Judy’ Bailiff Speaks on Biggest ‘Slight’ About Not Being Involved in New Series

by Megan Molseed

He was a staple on Judge Judy Sheidnlin’s long-running syndicated television show, Judge Judy. But now, as the famous judge prepares to star in her new show, the longtime Judge Judy bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd is nowhere to be seen.

Recently, the former Judge Judy bailiff spoke out about the slight felt about not being included in the brand new IMDbB television series.

In early October, Judge Judy fans were treated to a trailer teasing the brand new series, Judy Justice.

And, the absence of Byrd in the sneak peek shocked many fans.

According to Byrd, however, he had no idea the longtime television judge was even in talks to create a new show.

‘Judge Judy’ Bailiff Had No Idea the New Series Was In the Works

The first he heard of the series, the longtime bailiff says, was when she announced the upcoming series in a March 2020 episode of the Ellen Degeneres show.

Petri Hawkins Byrd goes on to note that he did finally have a chance to speak to Sheindlin about the series. And, the bailiff notes, the longtime judge told him that she thought he would be too expensive. According to Byrd, Sheindlin told him that his salary “would have been too much.”

“I was curious,” the former bailiff says. “How would she know?”

Byrd adds that the former Judge Judy star never gave him the chance to decide if he would be willing to take a pay cut for the new series.

“She didn’t ask me,” the Bailiff notes. “She didn’t give me an opportunity to have accepted a lower salary.”

Byrd Was Ignored As An Emmy Presenter

According to Byrd, the biggest slight he felt from the former Judge Judy star didn’t come from not being hired for the new series. Instead, it came during a 2019 awards show.

According to Byrd, he wasn’t even contacted to present Sheindlin with her Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2019 Daytime Emmys. Instead, Parks and Recreation star, Amy Poehler presented the famous daytime judge with the prestigious award.

Poehler even joked while presenting the award that Byrd should have been the one to do the honors.

Byrd adds that he wasn’t even sitting near Sheindlin during the Daytime Emmy Awards that year. He was sitting about fifteen to twenty rows away with some of the show’s producers.

“When you talk about slight, that gives you an idea,” the former Judge Judy bailiff says.

According to reports, Sheindlin has excused this Daytime Emmy slight.

The judge explains the ‘slight’ by saying the reason Amy Poehler was “a huge fan.”

Despite these slights, Byrd felt from Judge Judy, he says he isn’t angry.

According to the famous bailiff, he isn’t angry.

And, Byrd says, despite the fact the two worked together for twenty-five years the two never really became friends. And, since Judge Judy ended, Byrd has been focusing on acting. Byrd has recently found roles in The Bold and the Beautiful and is voicing a character in the upcoming Disney + Proud Family revival.