‘Judy Justice’: Watch Judge Judy Sheindlin Voice Confusion Over ‘Rules’ of Social Media in First Look Clip

by Michael Freeman

Those lamenting Judge Judy Sheindlin losing her show were treated last year to her television return with Judy Justice. In the latest clip for the show, we see Judge Judy voice her confusion regarding the “rules” of social media.

Judge Judy fans know she tells it how it is and has no trouble voicing frustration or confusion over something. In a clip for the latest episode of Judy Justice, she is clearly overwhelmed by social media and how to properly use it. Luckily, IMDb TV provided footage of it, so you can see her full rant about using the different platforms.

“Is there a book that gives you all these rules?” she asks people in the courtroom. “I’m being serious with you. It’s so frightening to my generation to have to know about all of these rules.”

Luckily, Judge Judy has her grandchildren to help her out, though she’s made some glaring errors in the process. “I know I sometimes will be sitting with one of my grandchildren and I’ll want to look up something and they’ll scream at me, ‘don’t do that! They’ll know that you’re watching them!’” she says while laughing. “I didn’t know that if you press something other people or the person who has posted something can see that you’re reading it.”

Recognizing she isn’t a match for social media, she jests she needs “a social media monitor” at the end of the clip. To be fair though, I think we all could.

Judy Judy’s Granddaughter Wrote Her a Heartfelt Letter After Scoring a Spot on Her New Show

As it turns out, Judge Judy’s grandchildren do more than help her with social media happenings. One of them, Sarah Rose Levy, joins Judy Justice as her new law clerk and penned a heartfelt thank you to her grandmother for the opportunity.

Good Housekeeping obtained the letter last November and shared the details. In it, Sarah talks about how her grandmother is a constant inspiration and how even as a child, she knew they’d have something great together. “From the moment I was born, I knew we would have something special,” Levy begins the letter. “The photos of us from my early years show a connection most people have only after knowing and loving each other for years.”

Levy also comments on the side of Judge Judy we see on television. She then laments we don’t really see the caring part of her. “That is one part of our life together that I wish the public got to see: the pure joy you get when the whole family comes together and shares life experiences and stories that have been made possible by your hard work and dedication.”

Nonetheless, Levy appreciates Judge Judy served as the matriarch their family needed. Concluding the letter, she calls her grandmother her best friend.