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Julian Sands’ Son Speaks Out About Missing Actor Three Months After His Disappearance

by Samantha Whidden
Julian Sands’ Son Speaks Out About Missing Actor
(Photo by Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Three months after Julian Sands went missing while out hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, the actor’s son, Henry, is speaking out about his disappearance.

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During his recent interview with The Times, Henry spoke about how he’s trying to be “realistic” with his expectations that his father may not be found.

“I am hugely appreciative for all the efforts made so far from the volunteer search and rescue climbers and the San Bernardino County Sheriff team to bring my father home,” Julian Sands’ son said. “Of course, [I am] realistic about the impact on the search of the weather conditions over the last three months — it’s been a 40-year snowfall record in California.”

Julian Sands reportedly went missing on January 13th while out on a hike. Due to the actor being considered an avid hiker and outdoorsman, search officials were hopeful for the actor’s return one month later. However, the weather conditions have made it difficult for everyone searching for Sands to remain optimistic about his survival chances.

Henry explained that there wasn’t anything further to say about his father’s disappearance. Sands’ son noted he was grateful for the love and support he and his family have received. He looks forward to the search resuming as soon as the weather improves.

Actor John Malkovich Recently Spoke About Julian Sands’ Disappearance

Fellow actor John Malkovich, who introduced Sands to his second wife, Evgenia Citkowitz, also spoke out about the missing actor. While promoting his project Seneca – On the Creation of Earthquakes, Malkovich admitted he’s struggling with Sands’ disappearance.

“I’m a godfather to his first son from his first marriage to Sarah, who I know very well,” Malkovich said. “Julian and I were very, very close. I introduced him to his second wife, and we have been close since we met in 1983 on the set of The Killing Fields. It’s a very sad event.”

In February, Mara Rodriguez, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department public information officer, told Fox News Digital that the department hadn’t transitioned into recovery. “It’s still considered a search and rescue mission,” she said at the time. “We don’t have any kind of set date for that, but it’s definitely something that we’re keeping in mind.”

Rodriguez also said that the department is still conducting sere aches as weather and conditions allow. “Right now, those are still just by air because of the icy conditions and such on the mountain. But unfortunately, nothing new has developed.”

Rodriguez then added it was not “typical” to locate a missing hiker after a significant time-lapse. However, the search crews were hopeful at the time that they would find Sands. “It’s happened before, but it’s not typical. Usually, we’re able to locate people within a fairly short amount of time, but it has happened in the past.”