Keanu Reeves Decides Whether He’d Rather Live as John Wick or Other Iconic Movie Character

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Keanu Reeves is not only an accomplished actor but one with a number of unique, powerful characters. With so many incredible personas under his belt, one has to wonder which one he would like to live as. Fortunately, he answered that question himself recently and the answer probably won’t surprise you.

On Facebook Watches’ “Red Table Talk,” Keanu Reeves answered questions with his Matrix Resurrections costars Jada Pinkett Smith, Priyanka Chopra, and of course, Carrie-Ann Moss. During the talk, a caller asks Reeves an interesting question: if you could be John Wick or Neo, who would it be?

“Lots of ways to go with that,” Reeves responded. “Because we’re here speaking about ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ [I’d choose Neo] and I don’t think John Wick would mind, I think he’d understand, but I think to be able to be with [Moss’] Trinity and to have that life with them together and see what would happen.”

Reeves then joked that even John Wick would salute him for going with Neo. “I think John would definitely give a salute to that,” Smith agreed. “He’d be like, ‘OK, man,'” Reeves replied.

It’s a difficult choice. John Wick is a certified badass who pulls off seemingly impossible stunts on the regular. Then again, it’s not like Neo doesn’t do that either. Being able to stop bullets, fly on command, inhuman reflexes, etc., are nothing to sneeze at. Another underrated ability Neo has is to be able to learn essentially anything by downloading it directly into his brain.

Regardless, I really don’t think Reeves can come out a loser either way.

Keanu Reeves Discusses Reprising His Role as Neo in the Fourth ‘Matrix’ Movie

Though the first movie came out in the late 90s, The Matrix remains a classic and that status likely won’t fade. Keanu Reeves had the honor of playing Neo in every movie since then and recently discussed reprising the role for the fourth film.

So, there’s no doubt the first question you wondered when seeing previews with Reeves in the fourth Matrix film is how he’s even there in the first place. He did kind of die in the third movie, right? As it turns out, Reeves was right there with us. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, he expressed his surprise and excitement about the opportunity.

“When the director asked me what I thought about doing another Matrix film I said ‘What? That sounds amazing but I’m dead,’” Reeves said. “She was like, ‘Are you?’ and I said, ‘Do tell!’ She wrote a beautiful story, and I love playing the character. How I am alive will all be explained.”

Light story beats have been given to help give us an idea about the setting, but I’ve chosen to remain blissfully ignorant. Nevertheless, all should be revealed on December 22 and it can’t come soon enough.