Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Like Real Christmas Trees: Here’s Why

by Leanne Stahulak

In the great Christmas tree debate, country superstar Kelly Clarkson places herself firmly on the side of artificial trees.

Why is that? Clarkson broke it down for fans in a recent Instagram reel. All this month, the singer and talk show host has taken to social media to share holiday-themed Q&A questions that may or may not surprise fans. She’s promoting her latest album, “When Christmas Comes Around,” while also giving fans fascinating tidbits about her holiday preferences.

“I usually do artificial. I always feel like I don’t want to cut a tree down, that’s my thing,” Kelly Clarkson explained in a reel earlier this week.

“First of all, we were poor growing up, so we had a fake plastic tree,” the country singer continued. “There’s something kind of special about bringing out that tree you have every year that you love. And then you just put a candle on it and it smells like a Christmasy forest.”

Props to Kelly Clarkson for combining nostalgia and Christmas spirit. She gets the feeling of a real tree without the maintenance, which is key for someone still making music, hosting a talk show, and raising two kids.

“Like, I have a lot of plants at my house, I’m into gardening and stuff. But I’m not willing to dive that deep for [a real tree],” Clarkson explained. “If [my kids] want a real tree, they can do that when they’re older. In their own house and their own time.”

That’s a pretty good way to look at it. Growing up, Kelly Clarkson’s kids can enjoy the nostalgia of the family’s fake tree. And if they want a chance, they can do what they want when they’re out of the house.

When sharing her hot take on Christmas trees, Clarkson captioned her post, “Fake. Pre-lit. All The Way! Mama ain’t got time, y’all! #WhenChristmasComesAround.”

What Other Holiday Hot Takes Did Kelly Clarkson Share?

Aside from her take on the real vs. artificial tree debate, Kelly Clarkson also shared her pick on other holiday traditions. Like eggnog.

“Eggnog? Absolutely. And if you’re lactose intolerant like some, they have almond now. Or, if you’re not going anywhere and you just wanna risk it, it’s real good,” Clarkson said in another Instagram reel earlier this month.

Eggnog seems like one of those foods/drinks that you just can’t knock until you try it. And clearly, Clarkson has tried it and loved it.

She also talked about which Christmas song best describes her life right now. This is a super insightful question and one we can likely all come up with great responses for. But Kelly Clarkson’s answer?

“A current Christmas song that describes my life right now? Oh, well you should just listen to my new record ‘When Christmas Comes Around,'” Clarkson said with a grin. Brava on the product placement and genuine answer. Because if you haven’t listened to Clarkson’s new album yet, it contains some real gems.

“There are a few on there, it’s just a range of emotions,” Clarkson continued. “And I feel like currently there are a few songs on the record that are applicable to the feeling right now. But I will say ‘Merry Christmas to the One I used to Know’ is probably my favorite on the record.”

This Outsider has to agree. If you haven’t listened to it yet, grab a box of tissues and click on the link below.