Kelly Le Brock, ’80s Star & Steven Seagal’s Ex-Wife, Talks Rejecting Hollywood for ‘the Wilderness’

by Maria Hartfield

American actress and supermodel Kelly Le Brock is starring in an upcoming film alongside Burt Young. Which may be surprising to many considering Le Brock said goodbye to Hollywood over two decades ago with no intention of returning.

In 1996, the actress went through a heart-wrenching divorce from fellow actor Steven Seagal. As a result, Kelly decided to pursue a quieter lifestyle post-divorce and left her acting career behind. She relocated to southern California and raised her three children outside of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Kelly Le Brock started her career as a model in her late teens. She went on to star in films such as 1984’s The Woman in Red, 1985’s Weird Science, and 1990’s Hard to Kill.

Fast forward to today, and Kelly Le Brock is back. She will star in the comedy Tomorrow’s Today. Previously titled Charlie Boy, the film received a lot of attention after actor Sean Young was fired from the production in 2018. Young was allegedly accused of stealing laptops from the film’s production office.

Kelly Le Brock plays a mother and ex-wife of a former gangster in the film. Her character attempts to pick up the pieces of her ex-husband’s past life.

Kelly Le Brock Opens up About Life Outside Hollywood

In an interview with Fox News, Le Brock talks about her decision to join the cast of Tomorrow’s Today, why she left Hollywood, and what her personal life looks like now.

When asked about her role in the upcoming film, Kelly said, I’m a professional ex-wife. [Director] Timothy [Hines] is very persistent and he assured me that he would take very good care of me and make me look great. But I also think he put together a wonderful little film for little money. I read the script and it had potential. It had heart and Timothy was working on it constantly. And in the end, it’s a nice little story to tell… [Co-star] Greg [Kritikos] is such a doll. He’s quite the character. And the rest of the cast was warm and wonderful. It was a good experience for me.”

Even though she’s back on the big screen, Kelly’s decision to leave Hollywood all those years ago didn’t come lightly.

“Hollywood wasn’t a place where I wanted to raise my children,” she said. “My divorce was very much in the press. And I’m just not a Hollywood girl. Never have been. I never really liked the attention. I wanted to have dirt in my nails and be in the outdoors.” 

She continued saying, “So I quit my career and moved to the wilderness where I lived with no television for 25 years. I did the best that I could as a single mom. I have three wonderful children, [and] I could always go back to my career, [but] I could never go back to my children. Some people can do both. But I already had the fame and was done with it. I became famous when I was very young and it didn’t do me a bit of good. It just caused trauma. Being famous is not for everybody.”

Catch Tomorrow’s Today in theaters on December 24.