Kelly Rizzo Calls Bob Saget the ‘Best Man I’ve Ever Known’ in First Interview Since His Death

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Wheelhouse)

Over one week after his death, Kelly Rizzo opened up about her late husband, Bob Saget. She continues to remember her husbands’ kind heart.

In a discussion with Today‘s Hoda Kotb, which will air in full on Thursday, 42-year-old Kelly Rizzo, spoke of Saget’s kindness and love for others.

“Who was the Bob Saget like at dinner when there was no audience? When there was no one around, no one to make laugh, what was that guy like?” Kotb asked.

“It was still the same. He was there to just enjoy life. And he just wanted to make people feel good. I mean, if we went to a restaurant, he would talk to all of the waiters, the waitresses. He knew all the hosts. Everybody knew him and loved him. And his constant message was ‘just treat everybody with kindness’ because he had gone through so much in his life, and he knew how hard life could be. He always was just so kind and loving to everybody. Bob was just the best man I’ve ever known in my life. He was just so kind and so wonderful, and everybody that was in his life knew it. And even anybody that would just casually meet him was like, ‘Wow, this is a special guy,” Kelly Rizzo explained.

On January 9th, the Full House actor passed away suddenly at the age of 65. He died in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. That day, Rizzo didn’t hear from him all day. So, she called the hotel and security entered the room.

The night before his death, he performed a stand-up comedy show outside of Jacksonville.

Kelly Rizzo Describes Her Late Husband Bob Saget as ‘Force’

Kelly Rizzo says that the Full House star was a force and it was like nothing anyone had ever seen. “I’m sure every one of you out there, whether you knew him or not, was in awe of the enormous outpouring of love and tribute for this special man.”

Rizzo also said she doesn’t have any regrets when it comes to her marriage to Saget. “We loved each other so damn much and told each other 500 times every day. Constantly. I know how much he loved me until the very last moment. And he knew the same. I’m so grateful for that – not everyone gets that.” Rizzo mentioned that Saget wanted to do much more in his life, even with his long resume. She said he also had so much more love to give as well. Rizzo said it will be a mission of hers to share how amazing he was with the world. She plans on trying in some small way to keep spreading his message of love and laughter. Even though it will not be stand-up comedy.