‘King of the Hill’ Revival in Development, Creators Reunite for New Animation Company

by Clayton Edwards

Mike Judge is a trailblazer in adult animation. He was the mastermind behind two of the biggest animated shows for grownups in TV history. First, Judge gave the world Beavis and Butthead. That MTV series showed others that there was a market for raunchy yet hilarious animated shows. Then, he teamed up with Greg Daniels to create King of the Hill. The show, full of iconic characters and relatable storylines is a bona fide classic.

We laughed along with Hank, Peggy, Bobby, and the rest of the gang for 13 seasons. Then, it all came to an end in 2010. Now, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are teaming up once again. Their new animation company, Bandera, will deliver more than a dozen of new shows in the near future. However, the most exciting of those is a revival of the fan-favorite King of the Hill, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Unfortunately, Judge and Daniels aren’t ready to share details about the upcoming King of the Hill revival. However, just knowing that they’re getting the band back together to take us back to Arlen, Texas is enough for now.

How King of the Hill ‘Planted the Seeds’ for Bandera

King of the Hill is still hugely popular across the country. As a result, Judge, Daniels, and other people associated with the series still get together for reunion panels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, these panels helped to “plant the seeds” of their new animation company. The pair would get together around these panels and discuss the good old days. Then, they met Dustin Davis, a former writer for YouTube’s scripted original programming. Finally, they brought him into the fold. Before long, they formed a new company.

As a company, Bandera will do more than bring back King of the Hill. It will follow the blueprint that Mike Judge and Greg Daniels laid down decades ago. They plan to push animation into brand new spaces. More importantly, they’ll be giving up-and-coming creators a place to unleash new ideas. “Mostly what Bandera is doing is trying to get us in more of a supervisory role. That’s what we’ve been really concentrating on,” Daniels said. He went on to say “using our taste and the people we’ve worked with and trying to help other people achieve their visions that we think are cool.”

Mike Judge added, “There’s one show that I might be a co-creator of but that rest, it’s mentoring other people and getting people together and being a studio in that regard.”

In short, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are bringing back King of the Hill. More importantly, they’re opening a space for a new generation of boundary-pushing animators to create cool new shows.