KISS Rocker Gene Simmons Documents Planting More Than 100 Trees on His Vegas Property

by Madison Miller

KISS rocker Gene Simmons looked to make the world a little more green, at least on his own property to start out. Simmons shared that he was planting trees on his property and that it was more than just a few as well.

Gene Simmons Plants Trees on Property

He shared a video of a crew planting trees on his property with the caption, “About a year ago, I bought the property next door to the Vegas house. Decided to cover the adjacent vacant land with 137 trees. It was all done in 2 days. Watch!”

The video shared 10 tractor-trailer trucks lined up back-to-back in front of his house. They are filled with what will soon become 137 trees on the property next to his Las Vegas home. He also shared that there were 40 people all gathered to plant those trees.

The video also featured a couple of curious neighbors looking at what was going on at Gene Simmons’ house. A drone even flew overhead in order for the workers to get a better look at what land they’re working with.

Several of the KISS rocker’s fans on social media were quick to applaud his efforts. “Wonderful! YOU DID THIS: Trees improve air quality by producing oxygen, store carbon, offsetting harmful byproducts of fossil-fuel burning. Moderate effects of sun/wind, clean air by trapping dust, pollen, pollutants. Provide food, protection, homes for many birds and mammals,” wrote one person.

It will give the next family that owns his home a lot of private space immersed within a lot of trees.

Simmons Selling Las Vegas Home

Although he’s done a good amount of work on the home, Simmons hasn’t spent much time in his Ascaya, Nevada home.

He did, however, have hundreds of trees planted so far.

He decided to put the house on the market for $10.8 million. According to The Wall Street Journal, the weather in Las Vegas was just too warm for him, which is why he didn’t spend much time there. The mansion has a private courtyard and you enter through a floating pathway that sits on a koi pond.

It is a massive six-bedroom, eight-bathroom house that also includes an 11-seat theater, a bar area, and a 1,200-gallon saltwater aquarium. This is amongst several real estate moves for Gene Simmons. He also sold his home in Los Angeles for $16 million. He also closed on a home in Beverly Hills for $11.5 million.

Although he doesn’t love the weather too much in Vegas, Simmons isn’t straying too far. He’s returning for a 12-show residency starting in December and it will go through February. It’s an excellent chance to see KISS back together again.