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Kyra Sedgwick Admits Husband Kevin Bacon ‘Wasn’t Her First Choice’ on Social Media

by TK Sanders

Kyra Sedgwick and Hollywood husband Kevin Bacon have beaten the odds and stayed together for decades in a town where relationships don’t always last ten minutes. But that doesn’t mean they always want to work together, too. True to form, the couple shared a very awkwardly funny argument which showed that Kevin wasn’t his wife’s first choice to act in her new film Space Oddity.

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Kevin shared a video to Instagram of him and his wife jokingly discussing the revelation on Friday.

The video is more of a long-simmering feud than a revelation. Kevin actually discovered that he wasn’t Kyra’s first choice during an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show several months ago. And sounds like he’s been stewing over it ever since.

In the video, Kevin tries to guess who Kyra really had in mind rather than him. In the film, Kevin’s character plays father to a man trying to get insurance so that he can travel to Mars. Fans of Kevin and Kyra offered their own suggestions in the comments section.

“Dennis Quaid?” said one follower, with a thinking face emoji. Another guessed Matt Damon.

“Maybe [it was] David Harbour?” suggested another fan. The Harbour suggestion even prompted a response from Kevin. “Wow it really could be,” Bacon replied.

Another fan considered espionage: “Hear me out … what if it was Jimmy Kimmel and that’s how he knew?”

What’s the secret to Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon’s three decade marriage?

The fun social media fodder comes on the heels of a different post that Kevin sweetly shared recently. As part of his regular Monday Blues social post, the A-list star chose to honor his wife. “Hey everyone, happy Monday. You know what’s really [good] at chasing away those #MondayBlues? Mom Rock. That’s right, moms know how to get down. Inspired by the best mom out there @kyrasedgwickofficial, here are a few songs moms can rock out to,” he wrote.

The 57-year-old mom of two replied with love and excitement: “This is the BEST MONDAY BLUES EVER!!!!” and added a string of pink love hearts.

As for how the two stuck together for 35 years in Tinseltown, Bacon said he honestly doesn’t know. “That’s a lot of years,” he said in an interview. “People feel a tremendous amount of excitement. Everybody wants to ask us about the secret, which I absolutely refuse to answer.”

And that’s not because he has a secret that nobody else does. In fact, Bacon sounds pretty sardonic about the institution altogether.

“I tell ya, marriage, let’s face it, it doesn’t work,” he laughed. “How many people stay married? Nobody. If I was to give some advice, I would say the one thing you don’t want to do is take a celebrity’s advice on how to stay married,” he laughed.