‘Last Man Standing’ Alum Kaitlyn Dever Reveals First Look at Highly-Anticipated Hulu Project

by Kati Michelle

Outsiders grew to know and love Kaitlyn Dever as she took on the role of Mike Baxter’s daughter, adding clever quips to “Last Man Standing” alongside funnyman Tim Allen. This was but a stepping stone in Dever’s blossoming career, however. After retiring her sassy ROTC character, she soon stepped into a more serious role for Hulu’s “Dope Sick” miniseries. And here, she starred alongside another pretty big name– Michael Keaton. As this limited series, too, wraps up, fans want to know where they can spot Dever next.

The good news is you don’t have to look far. Dever’s latest Instagram post gives a first look at her upcoming and highly-anticipated Hulu Project. Named “Rosaline,” it comes from the 20th Century Studios and reimagines the pinnacle of high school literature classes: “Romeo and Juliet.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Teases Fans With a Stunning Costume Ahead of Her New Show’s 2022 Release

You’ve heard of it before, the tale of two feuding families and a pair of “star-crossed lovers,” but you’ve never heard it told like this. Instead of hearing the story from Juliet’s perspective, the title’s Rosaline wants to share her side of the story. Played by Dever, Rosaline is Juliet’s cousin. And what do they both have in common? Well, they both call Romeo an ex… talk about the awkward.

Here she is stunning fans in a full costume ensemble:

“Here’s the first look photo for #rosaline ❤️ Directed by @karen__maine !!!” Dever says in the caption. While she doesn’t share an exact premiere date, she does reveal that the show is “Coming to @hulu 2022″ and she is “SO excited for this one.”

What else do we know? For one, the project actually comes from Rebecca Serle’s reimagining of the classic in her own novel, “When You Were Mine.” The story describes Dever’s title character as a “sharp, but idealistic young woman.” Hmm, where have we seen that before? Hello, Eve?

Anyway, Rosaline’s character initially decides that she wants to win Romeo back. Eventually, though, she changes course and sets her sights on reuniting the original star-crossed lovers. The romantic comedy then follows the turbulent aftermath of her plots.

Future Career Goals in Comedy

If Kaitlyn Dever has proven anything over the last couple of years, it’s that she’s got the range. Drama, musicals, comedy; her growing resume makes her one of the fastest up-and-coming youngsters in Hollywood. One of these genres has a special place in her heart, though, and that’s comedy.

She tells Vanity Fair that a career goal includes working on a Coen brothers project sometime in the future. They’re the minds that brought us “The Big Lebowski,” for reference.