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‘Last Man Standing’ Alum Molly McCook Reflects on Working With Dad on Christmas Movie

by Evan Reier
Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Being able to do what you love is a blessing, but getting to do what you love with the folks you love is special. Just ask Last Man Standing star Molly McCook.

Food Network is trying something different this year, creating holiday content that isn’t a typical recipe recap. Instead, the channel has created a holiday movie, Candy Coated Christmas. The film features the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond and a fan-favorite from Last Man Standing in Molly McCook.

But a name Last Man Standing fans may not recognize that also stars in the film is John McCook, Molly’s father. For soap opera fans, McCook is the unforgettable Eric Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Now, Candy Coated Christmas gives the father-daughter duo a chance to work together. In an interview with TV Insider, Molly McCook says the experience was a blast.

“My dad playing my movie dad couldn’t have been more fun,” McCook said. “I think just because we’ve never been able to work together like that before. But also we were playing different characters. We have a very, very special relationship in real life and we’ve bonded so closely over the fact that we’re both performers and he’s a best friend to me, and although Molly and Fred in the film are close, their relationship is quite different.”

So not only does the former Last Man Standing star get to work with her dad, they also get to stretch their acting chops. And that’s not them just McCook saying that.

‘Last Man Standing’ Alum’s New Role is a Different Beast

Working with your dad may seem like second nature, but playing a different father-daughter duo is difficult. All the knacks and intimate details of your personal relationship doesn’t necessarily translate to something that looks great on screen.

Let McCook describe it.

“So it was really fun and silly for us,” McCook said. “And very special to look at each other and do what we love at the same time. But also it was a little bit of a challenge to be playing these different characters that aren’t the people that we’ve been together for 31 years. It’s going to be something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Plus, the duo portray members of family that share the unorthodox tradition of visiting Hawai’i. While the Last Man Standing alum says that it’s special to them, it’s not exactly something they are used to.

“The tradition of the Gallants being in Hawai’i for Christmas is still very meaningful to them,” McCook added. “But I do think the importance of that tradition kind of surrounds the idea of the money that they have and the resorts that Fred owns. And it’s a very kind of bougie tradition that they share that’s not snowflakes and Santa and singing around a Christmas tree. It’s still a tradition, which still means a lot.”