‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Announces New Standup Comedy Gig

by Hannah Heser

You might remember Tim Allen as the guy who starred in The Santa Clause as Scott Calvin. And he also starred in Last Man Standing as Mike Baxter. But now he’s announcing a new standup comedy gig. It seems like this guy is always doing something, right? But that’s what fans love most about him.

The actor and comedian is making his way to the Stifle Theatre in St. Louis for one night only. So, if you’re dream is to see Allen make jokes on stage, get tickets today! It should be a great show since everything he stars in is always amazing. It takes place March 4, 2022.

If you are thinking about attending this event, tickets are starting at $46 which isn’t a bad deal for how famous he is. TheIntelligenceER said tickets can be purchased on the venue’s website or in-person at the Enterprise Center box office.

As you know, Last Man Standing is his most recent project. But the pandemic canceled it earlier this year. Will the cast finish out the season next year or does Allen have better plans in store? Who knows, he might decide to do more with comedy in 2022.

Tim Allen’s Standup Comedy Career

First of all, Tim Allen didn’t expect to ever be a comedian. It all started as a dare from his childhood friends. For instance, Allen stepped up to the microphone at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle which is a comedy club in Detroit, according to PBS.

“Since then his comedy career took him all the way to Los Angeles, California. But he turned down ABC’s first two attempts at a sitcom.”

PBS records Allen explaining why he turned this position down in a recent interview.

“I had a career touring. I was making great money and doing what I loved, so I didn’t need the gig,” Allen said. “And when Jeffrey Katzenberg called, he said, we want to offer you this. I said, well, I don’t think so.”

Apparently, Katzenberg doesn’t like being told “no” but in all honesty, who does?

Even though Allen declined this opportunity, he still had a passion for comedy. And he has a lot coming for him in the upcoming year. Both acting and comedy. Get ready Tim Allen fans!

Will ‘Last Man Standing’ Return in the Future?

Last Man Standing was on the air for exactly nine years before it ended in 2020. Although, the showrunner had recurring thoughts for a return. We haven’t heard anything yet, but what do you think? Can you see a Last Man Standing reunion in the upcoming year?

According to Cinemablend, the series finale was an emotional ride for the cast and crew. So, with that being said, we just might see the Baxter family returning for another season. Fingers crossed!