‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Reveals ‘Favorite Part’ of His Standup Concert Setup

by Chase Thomas

Tim Allen wrapped up Last Man Standing and folks wondered what the comedy legend might get into next. Well, Outsiders, we have our answer. The former star of Home Improvement has gone back to his roos as a stand-up comedian. He is performing consistently this week and the star recently revealed his “favorite part” of his current standup concert setup.

In a new tweet from his personal Twitter account, Allen wrote, “Favorite part of setting up my stand up concert, durning sound check I get to work with tech to design the stage look. Love lighting…and of course making y’all laugh.”

Allen revealed it’s the process of setting it all up for him. That’s what he loves most during the setting up process. The tech aspect of it all and just how unique and cool the lighting can be.

Fans loved the tweet with one fan writing, “So excited to be there tonight to see your show!!!”

Another fan wrote, “Lighting is everything!”

Tim Allen on The End of ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis had all the chemistry in the world. So folks were sad to see the two depart with the end of the show. Travis told ET, “We’re actors and this is our job, but when it’s over, you just get your stuff and you move on and leave and go to the next thing and it’s just a very awkward thing because in this time of COVID, none of us really got to say goodbye.” It was a tough ending for a long-time show to end things for sure.

She added, “We didn’t have a cast party, we didn’t have a wrap party — even for the crew. You go to work, you see these people day in and day out for nine years, and then you walk away and you go home and you wake up the next day and say, ‘Now what am I gonna do?'”

It just ended abruptly for everyone involved. Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, that’s just how the cookie crumbled. However, after a decade, you can understand how tough that had to have been for the cast and crew.

Tim Allen concluded, “When we had that year off, I called Nancy and told her I talked to the girls and we were talking about what they were doing and if we could get all of them to come back because Dana Walden at Fox had shown some interest [in bringing back the show]. And at the end of our conversation, Nancy said, ‘Just to be clear, they’re not our girls. And I am not actually your wife.’ And I went, ‘Oh right. Let me call you back.'”

After a decade, that’s how it all unfolded for Tim Allen and company.