‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Discusses Disappearing Neighbors and What Happened to the Baxter’s Dog

by Taylor Cunningham

The cast of Last Man Standing took their final bow this year. The series wrapped up on May 20th, and we weren’t ready. After nine seasons, we had grown attached to the quirky and loveable Baxter gang. And on top of that, the show left us with some burning questions—like, what happened to Mike’s dog?!

On today’s episode of Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It, Tim Allen talked about all the characters who disappeared on Last Man Standing. And it was a fitting topic considering the fact that Mike Rowe appeared as Mike Baxter’s brother, Jimmy, on one episode. But after that, he was never seen again.

Like many characters on the show, Jimmy Baxter’s character ended up vanishing. Allen admitted that he was sad about that because he desperately wanted to see Mike Rowe as a series regular. But Allen said that “the sitcom world is really difficult and they have to weave stories.” And when it came to Last Man Standing, there were “several storylines that [they] couldn’t accommodate.”

One example came from Mike and Vanessa’s motorcycle racing neighbors.

“It was a funny story. They were great. And then…. did they move? Did, uh, what happened?” The producers just wrote them off without a word.

And at one point, the Baxters had a family dog named Muffin. And Tim Allen joked that one day he let his four-legged friend outside, and Muffin never came back. The former Home Improvement star said that the cast would randomly mention the dog being outside to try and fill the void.

“And we had a kid that disappeared,” he continued. “One of my grandsons, he just, what happened? [Oh] He’s at a special camp.”

“He’s with Muffin,” Rowe joked.

Mike Rowe Regrets Not Returning to Guest Star For Final Season of ‘Last Man Standing’

Mike Rowe played Mike Baxter’s brother on one glorious episode of Last Man Standing. But despite fans’ love for the character, he never returned. And on a recent segment of Rowe’s new podcast, the Dirty Jobs host admitted that he regrets not making one last appearance.

Everyone, including Tim Allen, loved Mike Rowe so much that they wanted him to come back as a series regular. And Rowe said he was sad he didn’t share the screen with Taylor again, too.

“I apologize. I wanted to come back in that last season and be your little brother again,” Rowe revealed during the interview. “I really did.”

Rowe said that his single episode continued to air as a rerun, a lot. And people starting asking why he didn’t go back and rejoin the cast. But Rowe said he had too many commitments, so he couldn’t carve out the time.

“The truth is, I loved that experience. That was a really fun week,” he admitted. But he had so much going on that he “couldn’t do [the show] small” and he “couldn’t do it big,” so he chose not to do it at all.