‘Last Man Standing’s Nancy Travis Just Got More Snow Than She’s ‘Ever Seen’ at Her Home

by Chase Thomas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Outsiders. However, as nice as it is to take a breather and reflect on the year that was, it is sometimes not all that glamorous. What do we mean? Well, depending on your location around the country, you might be shoveling some snow this week. It really depends on where you are. For instance, The Last Man Standing‘s Nacy Travis just got more snow than she’s ‘ever seen’ at her home.

Travis posted the photo on her personal Instagram. In the photo surrounded by walls of snow, her son appears shoveling the snow out of the area. It’s a marvelous winter wonderland for The Last Man Standing star.

For the caption, she wrote, “My son shoveling us out. More snow than I have ever seen. #tahoewinter I shoveled too.”

Fans loved the post. One fan wrote, “Wow that’s INSANE! And oh so beautiful. Good son.”

Another fan wrote, “This is our first winter without snow we moved from New Hampshire to Florida and we are not missing the cold & the snow. We have all of our windows. And we are enjoying the fresh air & sunshine Retirement is wicked awesome HAPPY NEW YEAR XX.”

The End of The ‘Last Man Standing’

The Last Man Standing was a big-time show for a long period of time. It excelled on FOX. It was a great show in large part due to the chemistry between Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. The two gelled perfectly for nine seasons on the program.

Tim Allen told UPI, “I had health problems letting go of this one.” It clearly meant a lot to Allen. The Last Man Standing was another decade of his life and he enjoyed who he worked with and making that show each season.

Allen continued, “You just don’t know how much affection I have for all of [the co-stars] — the people behind the scenes, everybody involved in this thing.” Allen loved working on The Last Man Standing. It was a huge show that rivaled his time on Home Improvement. Part of what is needed for a show to last as long as this show has is that kind of chemistry on-screen and off-screen. Everybody liked working with one another.

He continued, “These were not comfortable weeks. I was counting off the hours. I did not do well with this. In a very moralistic way, I’m glad it’s done because I can’t feel this way anymore.” It wore on him that last season. He knew the show was ending, so he wanted to savor every moment. Still, the end of The Last Man Standing was tough for Tim Allen. He enjoyed the show and knowing it was all ending was tough.