Late Rocker Meat Loaf Opened Up About How the Pandemic Impacted His Physical Fitness

by Clayton Edwards

People around the world are still mourning the recent death of Meat Loaf. Shortly after his passing, sources close to the legendary rocker reported that he was ill with COVID-19 in the days before his death. Additionally, they reported that he was working on a new musical but had to cancel a dinner party due to his health. However, the virus impacted his health years before it took his life. In fact, the pandemic had a detrimental effect on his health before he ever caught the virus.

Last year, Meat Loaf spoke to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ahead of his then-upcoming appearance at Steel City Comic-Con. During that interview, they talked about his career, his iconic debut album, and how the pandemic affected him.

In August of 2021, Meat Loaf hadn’t taken the stage in five years. At the time, he was battling back issues and recovering from multiple surgeries. Before the pandemic hit, he was well on his way to getting back into shape to deliver his epic stage show. However, that all changed when the world stopped in 2020.

Meat Loaf Discusses How the Pandemic Affected His Fitness

Before the pandemic hit, Meat Loaf had a series of shows lined up in the UK and was working hard to get in shape to do those shows. “I’d gone over to the UK and shot a commercial, came back, was doing [physical therapy], and was doing really well. I had eight shows booked in the UK, and I felt really strong about being able to do them. COVID hit.”

As the pandemic forced everyone to stay home, Meat Loaf could no longer go to his physical therapy appointments. He had exercise equipment at home, which he used. However, without the instruction and motivation of a physical therapist, things fell apart. “…all the strength in my back muscles just left and I was worse off than before,” he said.

A Legend on the Stage and in the Gym

 Meat Loaf has always been overweight. However, he was no slouch when it came to working out. His concerts are non-stop over-the-top stage shows. He had to stay in shape to give audiences their money’s worth.

During the interview, he discussed his workout habits. “I could do 40 minutes on the [stress machine] where you go up and down and 40 minutes on the recumbent bike. Going through all these, I was in the gym for 2 ½ hours on days off.”

Meat Loaf recalled being a beast in the gym. “These guys would walk in, they were fit-looking. I could beat them on any machine they wanted, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to stay fit and able to do my show.”