‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Wishes Her Fans ‘Happy Holidays’

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: Organized Crime actress Ainsley Seiger wished her fans a happy holidays in a new post. Seiger plays the highly intelligent young computer wiz, Jet. The hilarious photo of Seiger and Adam Mintock actor Wesam Keesh and a stuffed rainbow octopus is captioned with some ironic holiday cheer.

“happy holidays from our family to yours,” the actress wrote.

The photo, taken on set definitely doesn’t scream holiday cheer.

“I love jet !! Probably my favorite character,” one fan commented.

Seiger’s Character Went Undercover in Season 2

Law & Order: Organized Crime is currently on a winter Hiatus. And so far, season 2 has seen more of Jet actually in the field. It’s exciting for fans because Jet is definitely in the running as the most beloved character on the show.

But fans were also a bit surprised that Jet had the qualifications to go on an undercover mission in a recent episode. In a TV Line interview, the Organized Crime showrunner explained the surprising move.

“I’m going to intend that this is what I intended all along. When we started the show, she had been through the [police] academy. She’s trained as a police officer. She has all of her credentials, but she wasn’t practicing. She was being an artist, resisting the law-and-order lifestyle until Stabler came along and pulled her back in,” showrunner Ilene Chaiken described of the move to put Jet back in the field.

And while it may have been sudden for some fans, Seiger was particularly excited that Jet got to really do what she’s best at. And this time, that happened to take her out of the office.

“I really get to not even prove myself now. But I get to do what I’m really, really good at, which is not only hacking, but also being a proper detective. So I get to uncover who wrote the code and then go out into the field to find this mysterious person and apprehend them,” Seiger explained to CinemaBlend.

Here’s When ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Returns

Jet’s hard work is far from over. Later in this season, a new villain, who is a talented hacker, will join the series. There’s no doubt that Jet is going to be very hard at work trying to stop him and will be at the forefront of that plotline.

Fans are highly anticipating the show’s return to get more of Dylan Mcdermott as well. The actor just returned as the main antagonist, Richard Wheatley. So if you want to keep up with Jet and the other characters, you can tune in when the show returns on January 6th, 2022.