‘Law & Order’ Actor Garnering Global Acclaim Over New Project

by Maggie Schneider

One “Law & Order” actor is earning global recognition for her latest spy thriller film “Pepper: Ricochet.”

Caris Vujcec is a “Law & Order” fan favorite. The woman behind Detective Louise Campesi is now the creator of her own film. Vujcec directs, produces, and stars in “Pepper: Ricochet,” the latest installment of “The Pepper Project.”

The digital series launched in 2015. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, the “Law & Order” actor began production for her new project. Now, “The Pepper Project” is the winner of over 40 international awards and nominations. “Pepper: Ricochet” is also being shown at the esteemed Marseille Web Fest.

The “Law & Order” actress wanted to write a story inspired by her favorite James Bond films, as well as her own upbringing.

“I wanted to create something that I could have fun doing,” she said. “I grew up in the era of the Russian-U.S. Cold War, spies, and… air raid drills. It was just terrifying, but it got me interested in what was going on in those spaces.”

“Pepper: Ricochet” follows an ex-CIA spy Pepper on a mission to find her missing sister. Along the way, she interacts with both friends and foes who add new layers to the mystery.

While Vujcec leads the charge as creator, actress, and executive producer, she is thankful for her cast and crew.

“You really have to have a good team behind you,” she says. “You can’t do everything alone.”

Caris Vujcec Wanted To “Branch Out” From “Law & Order”


Caris Vujcec’s Pepper is very different from Detective Campesi. The “Law & Order” actress says that she wanted to step out of the box with her project.

“Don’t get me wrong, ‘Law & Order’ is my favorite,” she says. “I recur on the show, I love being Detective Campesi, they’re phenomenal people and they’re always good to me. But I want to take that kind of genre a step further and branch out, you know, do something more fun for me.”

She explains that Pepper is a complex character. She is a real woman, with both strengths and flaws. This is something that the actress rarely sees on television.

“And you don’t have a combination of what a real woman is… Women are both, and can be both. And that makes a whole person. And I wanted to make (Pepper) a badass that’s a sexy mess.”

Where To Find “Pepper: Ricochet”

Unfortunately, fans are unable to stream “Pepper: Ricochet” just yet. The film is on the festival circuit in an effort to find new investors. The goal is for the web series to be picked up by a television network or streaming service.

Until then, be sure to follow Caris’ Instagram page for updates on Pepper.