‘Law & Order’: All the Major Reasons Why the Revival Show Isn’t a Peacock Original

by John Jamison

In the works since 2015, NBC’s revival of the original “Law & Order” series will finally see the light of day. The Dick Wolf-created franchise has performed exceptionally well on TV over the years, and NBC doesn’t see the revival as an exception. Instead of releasing the show exclusively on their streaming platform Peacock, NBC will be taking the classic approach with an appropriately traditional show.

The television world has undergone a dramatic shift toward streaming as more and more people cut the cord. As a result, it seems like the most exciting new titles are being launched exclusively on network-respective streaming services to grow subscribers. NBCUniversal’s Peacock is one of the budding streaming platforms competing for traction in the space.

With the introduction of “Law & Order” in 1990, NBC captured lightning in a bottle. Fast forward 30 years and the “Law & Order” franchise is thriving. Look to its longest-running series in “SVU” and an exciting new one in “Organized Crime” for evidence of this. Not only that, but Dick Wolf himself has become a proven hitmaker in the world of procedural network TV.

He has tapped into a massive audience across multiple networks and is currently at the helm of nine different shows. All of this contributes to NBCUniversal’s decision to release the revived “Law & Order” series on television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, executives from the company believe they’ll reach the widest audience by using the network first, then releasing episodes on Peacock after.

“This strategy enables us to leverage the broad reach of the network while also making the show incredibly accessible to all of its fans on Peacock. It isn’t a case of ‘either/or but rather ‘yes, and,'” said the president of entertainment scripted content at NBCUniversal, Lisa Katz.

NBCUniversal Will Reevaluate After Season 1 (Or Is It Season 21?) of the ‘Law & Order’ Revival

The “Law & Order” franchise has been wildly successful over the years. Though, it’s still impossible to know how new episodes of the original series will perform.

After all, there is still no word on which, if any, original cast members will return to the fold. Wolf Entertainment confirmed that the revival wouldn’t be a reboot but would continue from where the show left off in 2011.

So there are still quite a few obstacles for NBCUniversal to navigate. For that reason, they are reserving the right to pivot the show exclusively to Peacock following the return season. Per THR, the streaming platform is already home to a collection of episodes from the original “Law & Order” title.

Whatever happens, we know that Dick Wolf himself is excited about the recent developments.

“There are very few things in life that are literally dreams come true. This is mine,” said Dick Wolf in a statement from Wolf Entertainment.