‘Law & Order’ Fans Are Torn on Who Is the Franchise’s True Hero

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order fans are torn about who is the true hero of the franchise. In a Reddit Thread, fans debated who the face is of Law & Order. It’s an interesting debate now, considering how soon the Law & Order reboot will come back.

“I would say most people recognize McCoy for law & Order even if they don’t watch. But as someone who watches quite a bit I think Van Buren. Lenny is the most popular character out of them though. I don’t think Green was there long enough in comparison,” one fan said. “Stone is iconic but he falls in the same category. I guess any of them would work, it was on so long it depends on when you watched. I’m 22 and didn’t really see any episodes of the original while it was airing, just reruns.”

A lot of fans agree with the sentiment that McCoy is the most recognizable hero of the show.

“It’s McCoy. While not being on L&O the longest, he’s definitely one of the most iconic. If you ask anyone on the street to name someone from the original law and order chances are they’d name McCoy,” one fan wrote.

But others say there’s not enough love in the thread for Schiff and Briscoe and even stone.

“McCoy, but it should be Briscoe based on the universal love for his character amongst fans,” one fan wrote.

The ‘Law & Order’ Revival is Bringing Back A Major Figurehead

But it’s a good thing so many fans are saying McCoy is the face, because Sam Waterston is returning to the series. Last December, Wolf Entertainment announced that Waterston, who was on the series from its early years, will be joining the series.

This is incredibly exciting news for Law & Order fans. Every revival needs some good people from the original cast, and Sam Waterston will be a huge pull. And, of course, Executive producer Dick Wolf was thrilled with the announcement he’d be returning to the show as McCoy

“Very few casting announcements have ever given me this much pleasure,” Dck Wolf said in a statement following the announcement. He went on to note that Waterston’s McCoy was the “Ultimate Conscience” of Law & Order.

But on top of familiar faces, the show is also adding in Hugh Dancy. Dancy will also probably be a huge draw. He’ll join the show as a new character named Nathan Price. Dancy is best known for his portrayal of Will Graham in NBC’s Hannibal.

The revival of Law & Order will air on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern 7 p.m Central. If you want to watch old episodes, you can stream them on Peacock. You can also stream episodes of Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.