‘Law & Order’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of This ‘Wholesome Stabler Family Moment’

by Megan Molseed

Every series within the Law & Order franchise brings with it some fan-favorite relationships. Some are romantic; some reflect a buddy dynamic we love to follow some between Law & Order partners, and others between coworkers within any one of the squad stations.

Other fan-favorite Law & Order relationships even entail a long-held rivalry between the detectives and the criminals they are tasked to track down. However, few are quite as wonderful as the moments shared between Elliott Stabler and his mother, Ellen in the latest franchise installment, Organized Crime.

And, thankfully, the NBC Law and Order Instagram page gave us a beautiful image depicting a lovely mother and son moment for us to enjoy as we start our week this Monday morning. The picture brings us plenty of feels. And fans just couldn’t get enough of the heartfelt Insta image.

“Wholesome Stabler family moment to start your week off right,” the NBC Law and Order Instagram shares in a Monday morning post.  

The emotional Instagram post features Christopher Meloni’s Elliott Stabler cuddling up to his mother, Ellen Burstyn’s Ellen Stabler during a recent emotional Law & Order: Organized Crime moment.

The tough-as-nails Organized Crime detective is being soothed by his mother. A scene fans surely are not used to. As long as we’ve known Ellen Stabler her relationship with her son has been incredibly tense at the very least.

“Awe, it’s okay honey Olivia will come around soon,” one Instagram fan comments on the loving Monday morning Insta image. “just give it a little time.”

‘Law & Order’ Fans Feel The Love

Of course, emojis were all over the comments of this Instagram post. Most commenters felt the need to share their love of the image with a variety of smiley emojis adorned with hearts.

“Awww such a sweet picture,” writes one Instagram follower. This commenter adds a series of smiling emojis with three hearts connected to each. We can certainly feel the love!

Another Instagram fan went with the heart-eye emoji favorite. The fan adds seven of them in a row after the comment that simply reads “Mama Stabler.”

It’s an uncomplicated statement, but we all know how meaningful it really is.

Another Law & Order: Organized Crime fan remembers the heartfelt scene when detective Elliott Stabler needed a moment with his mother; feeling her soothing efforts in the emotional moment.

“I love that scene,” the Organized Crime fan writes in the post comments. While this Instagram commenter adds a heart emoji to the comment, it is preceded with an emotional “teary-eyed” emoji. We all feel that one so, so, much.

The dynamic between Elliott Stabler and his mother has always been intense. It’s become even more emotional as Law & Order: Organized Crime reintroduced the Ellen Stabler character. Ellen Stabler is deep into dementia with very few clear moments. So, when we see these moments of love come about in the series, it is something Law & Order fans love to soak up.