‘Law & Order’ Fans Debate the Original Show’s Best Cast

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images)

With an updated version of Law & Order coming out soon, it only makes sense that fans speak out. Yep, which cast was the best?

There have been a lot of incredible actors on the show, including Jerry Orbach, Sam Waterston, and S. Epatha Merkerson. We turn our focus to a thread from Reddit for some thoughts on the matter.

One fan posts a picture at the very top of the thread showing a lineup that included Steven Hill, Angie Harmon, Orbach, Waterston, and others. After the picture, the fans started commenting immediately.

‘Law & Order’ Viewers Just Love Their Different Casts and Will Share Their Thoughts

A Redditor writes: “I’m torn between Seasons 7 and 10. I like Ross more than Carmichael, but I also like Green more than Curtis.” That is followed by a reply: “I loved Carmichael. Curtis, in the beginning, was sooo self-righteous, though. More than a few times I wanted to slap him across the head.”

More Law & Order replies follow like “This is the way” and “Ross is a TERRIBLE one note actress, made only the worse by the attempt to make her custody battle happen as a storyline.”

This Redditor says: “Seasons 5 and 10 for me. I like the Briscoe/Green and Briscoe/Logan pairing, and I like Kincaid and Carmichael pretty equally.” And this is followed by these comments: “Nah. Season 3 (with Robinette, stone, Briscoe, Schiff, capt Cragen, and Logan) and season 10 (pictured above but green instead of Curtis) were peak.”

New Version of OG Show Will Hit NBC Right After Winter Olympics Are Done

And we have this one: “Nah. Season 4. Briscoe, Logan, Van Buren, Stone, Kincaid, Schiff. Season 3 or Season 5 are also great lineups.”

As you can tell, Law & Order fans do have their opinions about the cast lineup. It’s amazing, though, that a show like this can hang around and still be looked at with a lot of passion by viewers.

If you think these fans are passionate now, then just wait until the new version of Law & Order starts airing on NBC. It is going to start running in late February and right after the Winter Olympics are done. Also, it will be another franchise night for creator Dick Wolf. Thursday nights are all L&O with SVU and Organized Crime, too. Old-school fans will be glad to know that Waterston is part of the new show’s lineup.

Rick Eid, who has been a part of Wolf’s Law & Order and One Chicago shows, is in a new role. He will be the showrunner and an executive producer on L&O. Other executive producers include Wolf, Arthur Forney, and Peter Jankowski. This is according to a story from TV Line about Season 21.