‘Law & Order’ Fans Debate Their Favorite Season Premieres

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to passion and dedication there are few fans out there that are like Law & Order fans. From SVU to Organized Crime they love it all.

When you take into account all of the seasons, the spinoffs, and everything else that is part of the Law & Order universe that’s a lot of episodes. Picking a favorite would almost be impossible. However, on Instagram, the show is trying to get folks to pick their favorite season premiere. Now, that just might be doable.

Check out the post below and think about some of your favorite premieres over the years.

“Starting the first sharing our favorite firsts,” the post started. “What is your all-time favorite #LawAndOrder season premiere?” The question was asked on Twitter before moving over to Insta. “No one knows how to kick off a new era like the #LawAndOrder squads,” the caption said.

Over the years there have been some really amazing premieres. Getting the season started off on the right foot is a tall task for any show. For one fan, there is all but one season that they love. It seems that Law & Order fans usually have a season or two they just don’t watch.

“LOVE every season of ‘Law & Order SVU’,” sherriser said. “Except for the one with William Lewis! I watch reruns ALL the time but I can’t watch that one!” Well, alright then. The line was drawn in the sand at Seasons 14 and 15, it appears.

Plenty of fans got in on the question, giving their answers for their favorite premiere.

‘Law & Order’ Fans Talk Their Favorite Premieres

If you ask, then you shall receive. A flurry of responses came in almost as soon as the post went up on Instagram.

Another reply, this one from wicked_house_merchantile said, “That’s super difficult because I love all episodes, but SVU premiere episode of season 1 episode 1 because without that we wouldn’t have 23 great season premieres and episodes to choose from!” Pretty noble answer there.

It really seems that fans of Law & Order are just in love with all of the seasons. At least, the ones they can stand to watch. So, it’s no surprise that there were so many that had a hard time choosing. For trendiestandy44, that wasn’t as difficult as it was for others.

“Y’all kick them off, VERY well,” they replied. “[It’s] ‘Pilot’ and ‘Stabler Returns’ for me.”

Now, those are both very good premieres. I think the only premieres folks are worried about now, however, are the next season premieres for SVU, Organized Crime, and the original Law & Order. After all, reruns are fun, but fans want to see the new stuff on screen, too! Good thing that SVU and Organized Crime will return from hiatus soon.