‘Law & Order’ Fans Discuss Their Favorite District Attorneys From the Show’s 20 Seasons

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

We need your help on this one, Law & Order fans! Out of all 20 seasons, who do you think has been the show’s best district attorney?

Unless you were just born yesterday, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Law & Order at some point in your life. The iconic police procedural and legal drama ran from 1990 until 2010, spanning a total of 20 amazing seasons for fans to enjoy.

Over the course of that many years and that many seasons, there was naturally a lot of change. Characters came and went and now all fans can do is talk about which ones were their favorites. That’s exactly what one group of fans is doing on the popular forum, Reddit. They aren’t talking about all the characters in the show, though. Instead, they are talking about one group in particular — the show’s district attorneys.

Make no mistake about it, there have been several district attorneys on Law & Order over the last 20 years. And each of them was great in their own ways. However, one fan wants to know how people would rank them in order.

“Which was your favorite District Attorney character from this group: Adam Schiff, Nora Lewin, Arthur Branch, or Jack McCoy?” the post begins. “Which one, if any was your least favorite? And how do you rank them?”

‘Law & Order’ Fans Respond to Reddit Question

So, Outsiders, how are we feeling about the district attorneys from Law & Order? It’s definitely a loaded question, that’s for sure.

Fans of the show were quick to chime in with their thoughts, though, and the results seem to favor one DA. That would be Adam Schiff, who was played by Steven Hill.

“Favourite — Adam Schiff. Least Favourite Nora Lewin,” one fan commented. “Ranking from favourite to least favourite — Adam Schiff, Jack McCoy, Arthur Branch, Nora Lewin. Why AS first — sheer gravitas. Mind you, I’m currently rewatching S18, S19, and S20 again and JM as DA really isn’t that far behind AS in my opinion.”

“Agree! Adam was just so iconic,” another fan said. “His comments were so funny sometimes. And his banter with Jack was written so well.”

“Loving the Schiff love here, but I kind of love Jack McCoy as DA,” a third fan added. “We saw him in Cutters position, fighting every fight possible to the dismay of his superiors. So when he’s the one in the spotlight (and the crosshairs) it’s cool to see him have to make the deals and choices he never would from further down the ladder. I don’t really have a least favorite, I do think Branch is underrated.”

“I agree, I think Branch is underrated too, I liked Lewin and McCoy quite a bit but Adam Schiff was my favorite,” another user said. “Steven Hill’s a great actor and I loved his presence on the show.