‘Law & Order’ Fans Have Nothing But Praise for Revival Casting Choices

by Liz Holland

NBC is reviving and continuing Law & Order, premiering in February 2022. Several actors from the series are cast in the newest revival to reprise their roles. One of the most notable is Sam Waterston returning as Jack McCoy, a role he portrayed for 17 seasons during the original run of the show.

As of right now, the continuation cast also includes Anthony Anderson as Detective Kevin Bernard; Jeffrey Donovan; Hugh Dancy as an assistant DA; Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Kate Dixon; and Oldelya Halevi as assistant DA Samantha Maroun. 

Epatha Merkerson unfortunately is unable to participate in the revival due to her role and commitment to ‘Chicago Med’.

Law and Order fans are especially excited for Waterston’s revival of Jack McCoy. One Reddit user, ‘santichrist’ wrote of the news,


Still the best ADA in Law and Order and all it’s spin offs

Still remember that Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover where they had that guy put him on the stand then bring up his dead ex gf and fellow ada, great actor.”

Law and Order Fans Love Sam Waterston

Another user, by the name of ‘CurvyCupcakes’, had a lot to say. The user mentioned that the headline initially gave her a scare.

The user thoughtfully wrote, “My heart dropped when I saw Sam Waterston in the headline, I thought it was going to say he died. I’m not prepared mentally to lose Jack McCoy, he’s 1 of my absolute favorites. I’ve been watching him on Law & Order for 20 years. Love binge watching the marathons and listening to him in court when he’s all fire and brimstone. Love when he’s cussing out the police about messing up his case, arguing with opposing counsel about hiding evidence, taunting suspects about how much jail time they’re going to do if they don’t confess, telling judges they need to recuse themselves from a case because their personal feelings are impairing their judgment, etc.”

The user continued her passionate speech about Waterston, “I love his ethics, his temper, how outspoken he is and just the way he carries himself. In the earlier seasons, watching him cross examine someone on the witness stand was a thing of beauty. He could be so adversarial and confrontational. It always makes me smile when he raises his eyebrows really high about something lol. He’s a phenomenal actor, that show wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Fans Speak Out About Revival Casting Choices

It’s clear long-time Law and Order fans have a love and respect for Waterston’s acting chops and what he’s done for the series. Other reddit fans of the show shared their thoughts on some of the other casting choices for the revival. User ‘MinderReminder’ wrote, “Somehow I missed that Camryn Manheim would be joining as the police lieutenant, what an excellent choice. They’re really nailing the casting, I’m more optimistic about this than probably any other revival that’s happened.”

Another user added on to the comment, writing, “I hope they find a way to bring Merkerson back from time to time. She was on the show even longer than Waterston. Will be weird without her there.” And another added, “Oh my god, that’s such a fantastic choice. I haven’t really seen any of her recent works – not really my genres – but I loved her on The Practice, which was like the first “grown-up” drama show I enjoyed watching.”

The revival will be available February 24, 2022.