‘Law & Order’ Fans Hope These Characters Reappear in the Franchise

by Suzanne Halliburton
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We’ve started the countdown for the new, refurbished Law & Order.

But fans are curious as to how much the new Law & Order will touch on the characters who made the vintage series such a classic.

Those who love Law & Order gather on Reddit for online chats about the show, which ran from 1990 to 2010. There’s a thread on there now pondering who fans would like to see return to the series, which launches again. Feb. 24.

Count this under the category of Law & Order characters you wish could have stayed longer.” Fans still are so obsessed with the show that this thread started seven months ago. Dick Wolf didn’t even confirm news of the reboot until September.

Now, we go to the discussion: “Max Greevey was rock solid. I loved his chemistry with Mike Logan. He was witty and the look in his eye whenever he figured an important detail out was great. I know George Dzundza had a disagreement with the producers and the season 2 premiere dealing with his absence is great, but it was sad to see him go so early on.

“Ben Stone was gone too soon as well. Excellent acting by Michael Moriarty. He was clever, and it was hugely satisfactory whenever he put the perpetrator on the spot, but they were also aware of showing his flaws and how he can misjudge a case as well. I know his son Peter became a character on SVU, but I have a feeling he doesn’t beat the original.

“Richard Brooks as Paul Robinette only lasted three seasons sadly, but at least he’s made a few guest turns on both the original show and Chicago Justice since then.”

Unless He’s a Ghost, Greevey Won’t Return in Law & Order Relaunch

Greevey probably can’t come back in this new version of Law & Order. Dzundza, who played Greevey, the part of Chris Noth’s Mike Logan, left the cast at the end of season one. Using a stunt double, Law & Order opened season two with his murder.

Maybe there’s a way for Michael Moriarty’s Ben Stone, who worked in the district attorney’s office to return. But Moriarty left Law & Order in a most abrupt way. He quit via fax in 1994. Dick Wolf, the show creator, recalled Moriarty’s exit during a 2015 interview.

“The fax came in the middle of the night to California, which means that he had been up all night [in New York],” Wolf said. “It was like, ‘I can’t continue.’ It was things like the ‘Nazification of television’ and everything else with Janet Reno.”

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The fan mentioned Richard Brooks’ Paul Robinette. He, too, was an ADA in the original years of Law & Order. In total, he appeared in 69 episodes. He even reprised his character on Chicago Justice. The 59-year-old Brooks still is quite active as an actor. Maybe he has time for at least a cameo.

There were more suggestions, including for Paul Sorvino’s character, Phil Ceretta. Or as one Reddit said “Big Daddy” Cerreta.

“Yeah, he’s cool. Paul Sorvino gives a nice dignified performance.” Another wrote: “I loved Cerreta! Such an underrated character. I always wished he popped back up in some capacity after he left.”

Cerreta came on in season two and worked as Nolan’s partner. He replaced Greevey. But he only lasted for two seasons, giving way to Jerry Orbach’s Lennie Briscoe. On the show, Cerreta is shot in the gut, so he transferred to a desk job. At 82, Sorvino still does a ton of acting projects. So who knows whether there’s any Law & Order interest.