‘Law & Order’ Fans Notice Differences Between DVD and Streaming Episode Edits

by Jonathan Howard

If there is a fanbase that has seen every form and medium that rerun episodes come in it’s Law & Order fans. And they know the differences.

There are all kinds of different iterations of shows now. There are DVDs, streaming versions, made for TV. Those that are real appreciators of fine art might have some VHS tapes lying around still. When it comes to the classic NYPD drama, fans know the difference between these edits.

I’m rewatching via Prim right now,” u/spyfyj on Reddit said. “But previously watched live then DVDs and am noticing big changes to how scenes are cut and or dropped depending on the episode. [In my opinion] would highly recommend DVDs if you have that option available to you for the actual closest version of the show to what aired [on TV].”

The Reddit user also gave an example from an episode that they were streaming. It had to do with a closeup on Kerry Washington that is much more severe in the streaming version of the show. Then, they opened the floor and asked others to chip in their own examples.

“On the DVD,” u/jgidley97 responded. “As well as on Peacock, they unfortunately took a butcher’s knife to Jerry Orbach’s last scene in ‘C.O.D.'” Then they shared the link to the original scene. Apparently, the scene is cut up and edited in the streaming version on Peacock.

Law & Order fans are going to notice changes like the ones they listed. With all of the reruns, the reedits, the reproduction, and remasters it is hard to keep up. However, it is unfortunate when scenes are changed and in many cases ruined by these edits, viewers aren’t going to be happy. So, DVDs or streaming? What do you say, Outsiders?

‘Law & Order’ Actress Passes Away at 99

In other Law & Order news, fans are going to be sad to hear about the passing of Joan Copeland. The legendary actress was a Broadway star that found great success on TV as well. She had a run throughout the 1960s and 70s on stage that was very successful. Then in the 1990s, she joined the cast of Law & Order.

As Judge Rebecca Stein, the actress commanded control of the courtroom in her recurring role. Her run on the show was during some of the most beloved seasons of the show. Her appearances were always welcome and will now surely be well remembered. The passing of Copeland is a somber reminder that many of our favorites have moved on from this world.

Law & Order is set to make a comeback. While the show has taken a break for a while, there are plans to bring it back. This would be the first season in 12 years. It should be one to remember.