‘Law & Order’ Fans Reflect on Where the ‘OG’ Characters Are Ahead of Revival

by Allison Hambrick

With the revival of Law & Order on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of both the classic series and a few familiar faces. Over on the show’s subreddit, one user created a thread asking about which original characters should make a comeback.

“I’m thinking about the original cast and where their characters are today…” they wrote. “Greevey, Schiff, and Stone are dead, with the latter being unceremoniously killed off 24 years after their onscreen appearance, and they had to use a spinoff kid to cheapen things. Cragen and Logan are retired. However Logan may never appear again due to recent events. Robinette moved on up last time we saw him and may butt heads with McCoy’s crew again.”

The fan made some solid points. A number of the series’s cast members were killed off, while others passed away in real life. This includes fan-favorite actor Jerry Orbach, who played Detective Lennie Briscoe. Additionally, Chris Noth, who played Detective Mike Logan from the pilot to season five, is facing allegations of sexual assault. His appearance on the show is thus unlikely.

Even so, users suggested many characters who could appear in the series. The character most brought up was Jamie Ross. Played by Carey Lowell, Ross was an ADA who acted as a foil to Jack McCoy. McCoy, who will return in the revival, had a penchant for bending rules, while Ross was a bit more idealistic. After Lowell left the show, Ross popped up a few more times, most notably playing a judge in Law & Order: Trial by Jury. If she returns to the series, it might be interesting to see her once again as a judge.

Law & Order Characters Likely to Appear

Other likely suspects for a return are former ADA Paul Robinette and former Detective Cyrus Lupo. Robinette was the first ADA on Law & Order. He left the series after season three to become a defense attorney who represents victims of institutionalized racism. Robinette appeared as opposing counsel several times, but return is especially likely for the new series for one major reason: Chicago Justice.

In 2017, Robinette showed up on the Law & Order spinoff to defend a CPD police officer. Though it was over 25 years since his first appearance, Robinette’s actor, Richard Brooks, was game to return. As a result, it’s not a big leap to suggest he’d be back for an episode or two of the revival. Additionally, a user on the subreddit notice that the character was recently name-dropped on Law & Order: SVU.

As for Lupo, there’s one most obvious reason for him to cameo. His former partner, Kevin Bernard, is returning as a series regular. Granted, Jeremy Sisto, who played Lupo, is now a regular on FBI will more than likely not return in a substantial capacity.

One fan had an idea of where they saw Lupo now: “Lupo was in law school but ended up becoming an investigative journalist [and] photographer who kept traveling.” If that hunch is correct, maybe a team up between Lupo and Bernard could make a fun one-off.