‘Law & Order’ Fans Reveal Which Character They Want to Return for Revival

by Lauren Boisvert

After 11 years off the air, the original Law & Order series has been picked up again for the 21st season. Specifically, the show is picking up where it left off all those years ago with the same cast of characters.

“There are very few things in life that are literally dreams come true,” Dick Wolf said in a statement about the revival. “This is mine.” It will be interesting to see how these characters have adapted to changing technology and crime after all this time

According to a poll put out by TV Line, there are some characters fans want to see more than others. The results are in, and TV Line tallied everything up into percentages of people who voted for those characters.

Who Do Fans Want to See Back on ‘Law & Order’?

Coming in at number 10, is Anthony Anderson’s Detective Kevin Bernard. Bernard was Cyrus Lupo’s partner at the precinct, where he appeared in seasons 18 to 20. Bernard represented more traditional, conservative views, but he was a good detective.

Next up, Dann Florek’s Captain Donald Cragen. Cragen appeared in 6 seasons of Law & Order before transferring to the Special Victims Unit. He started as a homicide detective partnered with Max Greevey (who did not make the list) before becoming homicide captain of the department.

A small percentage wanted to see Jeremy Sisto’s Cyrus Lupo return. He joined Kevin Bernard as his partner on seasons 18 to 20. Some wanted Assistant District Attorney Michael Cutter back, played by Linus Roache. A slightly larger percentage looked to Benjamin Bratt’s Detective Rey Curtis, who appeared in seasons 6 to 9, with a guest role in 20. Curtis was Lennie Briscoe’s junior partner, and believed in looking at crime in black and white; if someone breaks the law in any way, they deserve to go to jail.

Who Are the Heavy Hitters?

First up, Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael, played by Angie Harmon. She has strong conservative views, which often put her at odds with the other DAs. She was on the show from season 9 to 12.

Fans also wanted Detective Mike Logan back, played by Chris Noth. He appeared on Law & Order from the pilot episode to season 5. He went on to become a recurring character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where he stayed for three seasons.

Compared to the other votes, a pretty big percentage of fans want to see Detective Ed Green come back. Green was played by Jesse L. Martin for 9 seasons, 10 through 18. He replaced Rey Curtis as Lennie Briscoe’s partner until Briscoe’s retirement.

Lieutenant Anita Van Buren was on the squad for a whopping 17 seasons, and fans desperately want her back. Played by S. Epatha Merkerson, Van Buren replaced Cragen as the commander of the 27th Precinct. She is a tough no-nonsense cop, and haunted by multiple scandals, but she still survives cancer and gets engaged in the final episode of the series, so things aren’t so bad.

Winning out by a huge margin, fans really want to see District Attorney Jack McCoy come back to Law & Order. Dick Wolf has said that Sam Waterston’s character was the “moral center” of the show, and fans seem to agree. He won with 18.5% of the votes.