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‘Law & Order’ Fans Share Which Episodes They’re Thankful For

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Thanksgiving is upon us, and “Law & Order” has asked us all to bring our favorite dish to the party. And by dish, I mean our favorite episodes. “It’s not Thanksgiving without a #LawAndOrder marathon,” the show wrote on Twitter. “Which episodes do you think will pair well with your holiday plans?”

Fans came out in droves to discuss their favorite episodes for the holiday marathon. “Ones with ben stone bc I’m thankful for him,” wrote one fan. Ben Stone was the Executive Assistant District Attorney for New York County from seasons 1 to 4. He was strict, but soft-spoken, and was quietly intimidating. Eventually, Stone was written out of the show when actor Michael Moriarty resigned over censorship disputes.

In addition, a few fans praised all of the episodes of “Law & Order”; one fan wrote, “All of the Law and O[r]der episodes will pair well. Whichever you watch the Squad delivers that Fire.” Another commented, “Doesn’t matter which spin-off they are all brilliant stories.”

Subsequently, one commenter was a fan of “any episode with the always talented and gorgeous [Kelli Giddish].” Giddish plays Detective Amanda Rollins on “SVU.” She’s a wonderfully nuanced character; she struggles with a gambling addiction, and a difficult past. Currently, she’s found herself a loving partner in ADA Dominick Carisi, and the two are a fan-favorite couple.

Speaking of couples, one commenter mentioned “All things Benson and Stabler,” while another asked, “what do you think rollisi is doing for thanksgiving??”

Fans Detail Exactly Which ‘Law & Order’ Episodes They Want in the Holiday Marathon

One fan got specific about what “Law & Order” episodes they wanted to see. “Season 6 ‘Ghost’, Season 1 ‘Hysteria’, Season 10 ‘Swing’, all season 4 and 5,” they wrote. And don’t worry, we’re going to go over what all those episodes entail right here.

“Ghost” is a season 6 “SVU” episode that follows former ADA Alexandra Cabot as she comes out of witness protection to testify against the person who tried to kill her two years earlier. The gun used to shoot a wealthy couple was the same that was used to shoot Cabot. To keep the killer in custody, ADA Casey Novak tells Benson and Stabler to arrest him for Cabot’s murder. The only problem: Cabot is still alive. Now they’ve charged a man with a crime he didn’t commit.

“Hysteria” is from season 1 of “SVU”, and features the rape and murder of a woman who the detectives originally thought was a prostitute. This leads them on a wild goose chase in all directions until they finally catch their killer. Meanwhile, John Munch testifies against a doctor who videotaped his assaults against women for the sake of treating their “hysteria.”

“Swing” is an episode from season 10 of “SVU,” and it’s a family affair for Stabler. A trespasser who leads Stabler to his teenage daughter Kathleen eventually leads him to seek help from his estranged mother. Bernadette Stabler helps Kathleen by revealing that she also struggles with bipolar disorder, and Kathleen takes a plea that gets her help.