‘Law & Order’ Fans Think ‘Organized Crime’ Is Better Than ‘SVU’ in a Few Different Areas

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Law & Order shows believe that the Chris Meloni-led Organized Crime actually beats SVU in some categories.

How is the difference viewed by them? We’ll take a look at that right now.

A Reddit thread titled “Is it only me that feels like OC’s pacing and story way better than SVU’s?” gets us started down a Law & Order rabbit hole.

Fan ButterscotchPast4812 writes, “I find SVU to be rather hit and miss these days. Oc is the better show. The planned story arcs help a lot in that regard, I find. With the longer arcs it helps build complexity in characters that SVU isn’t able to do. Plus oc is more of a character drama, so they dig into character psychology in a way that SVU just doesn’t. I have more of a connection to Reggie and Richard Wheatley. Then I do with McGrath and Joe.”

Redditor IlaDC writes, “I was about to say who is Joe? And then I remembered. Last week’s episode was super bland that it’s easy to forget how they even caught the killer.”

Then Sjdriscoll3377 differs with the original poster about Law & Order shows. “I’m sorry but we disagree. SVU is still the best content and acting. We have watched SVU since it began and they are still number 1 to us,” the Redditor writes.

‘Law & Order’ Fan States ‘Organized Crime’ Has Benefit of Serial Storytelling

Another Law & Order fan, zoemi, writes, “OC has the benefit of being a serial story.”

Redditor JLMMM replies, “This is exactly it. SVU is a procedural and has always been limited on the characters’ personal storylines, usually only giving us 3-5 mins in each episode. Every once in a while we get a character-driven episode, but that’s not the point of the show.

“OC is a serial show,” JLMMM continues, “so it has time to slowly develop the cases and the characters without feeling like either is lacking. Giving 8 episodes to a particular gang-type unit allows for so much more time on character stories. Which, I think is what the audience wants to see now that Stabler is back.”

Redditor Wants More Crossover Episodes Between Benson, Stabler

The Redditor also wants more crossovers between Olivia Benson on Organized Crime with Elliot Stabler.

Fan CantoErgoSum writes, “OC is the better show by far. But SVU has been a series intended to be a ‘refillable’ format– each episode is a stand-alone where OC is a serial.”

Other fans also chimed in and you can check it out on the Reddit thread.

Catch both shows on Thursday nights on NBC. “SVU” airs at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, followed by “Organized Crime” at 10 p.m. Eastern,9 p.m. Central.