‘Law & Order’ Fans Wonder If Mia Ruz Will Land More Permanent Role on Show

by Allison Hambrick
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Law & Order may be gearing up to bring another detective into the fold. Detective Mia Ruz, played by Cyndee Rivera, was introduced in SVU season 22.

First appearing in the episode “Hunt, Trap, Rape, and Release,” Ruz helped the Manhattan SVU solve a string of rape cases throughout Manhattan and the Bronx. While she develops a friendship with Detective Kat Tamin, her relationship with the SVU suffers after a shocking reveal. Tamin discovers that Ruz’s sergeant was a serial rapist, and he shot a suspect in cold blood. Run takes the news hard. Her sergeant was the only male officer in her department who respected her. As a result, her friendship with Tamin disintegrates.

In a more recent episode, Ruz returned to Law & Order: SVU. “Silent Night, Hateful Night” saw Ruz returning as a detective in the Hate Crimes Unit. She worked under returning character Declan Murphy, played by Donal Logue. Ari’el Stachel also returned as Detective Hasim Khaldun, who worked with the SVU in Seasons 21 and 22.The other member of their team introduced in the episode is Jason Biggs’s Detective Andy Parlato-Goldstein. The Hate Crimes Unit helps the SVU solve cases involving crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals.

Many fans began to question whether or not the episode could be setting up a spinoff. After all, a backdoor pilot taking existing characters and giving them a new role would be an ideal way to segue into a new Law & Order show. Ruz is a solid candidate to fill the shoes of detective either on a spinoff or on SVU itself.

Is Another Law & Order on the Way?

Over the past few years, whispers of another Law & Order spinoff have been consistent. The series would be titled Law & Order: Hate Crimes. Instead of airing on NBC, Hate Crimes would stream on Peacock. After the revival of the original series, franchise creator Dick Wolf appeared to drop Hate Crimes.

However, the recent midseason premiere has audiences believing maybe the project isn’t dead in the water. Additionally, a fan poll asked whether or not Hate Crimes should be revisited. More specifically, it asked if they care to see the characters again. 53% of voters said YES. 21% said MAYBE, I’d like to see them working together again. 21% said NO, and I don’t want to see a Law & Order: Hate Crimes. Lastly, 3% voted NO, I didn’t like them.

Worth noting is that fan buzz does impact the show. SVU regular Kelli Giddish was only supposed to be a guest star, but she was added to the main cast due to popularity. She’s now been a regular for a decade. If fans want more of the Hate Crimes unit, then their spinoff may not be far behind.