‘Law & Order’ Has a Hilarious Nickname for Recurring Guest Stars

by Kati Michelle

The OG “Law & Order” series premiered on September 13th, 1990. It’s hard to believe just how much has changed since then. But even as we welcome 2022 in another blink of an eye, the series’ OG status remains. That’s because “Law & Order” was the catalyst for so many successful spin-offs and acting careers. Even a guest spot on the show was the equivalent of a golden ticket from Mr. Willy Wonka himself.

From Sarah Paulson to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the list goes on. And with its revamp inching closer and closer, the die-hard “Law & Order” fans are more excited than ever to bring back some traditions. One of these involves a hilarious nickname for the show’s recurring guest stars. Any guesses?

‘Law & Order’ Fans Refer to the Recurring Guest Stars as ‘Repeat Offenders’

From Snoop Dogg to “The Waltons,” you never really know who’s going to make an appearance in Dick Wolf’s universe. And sometimes, the recurring guest stars even take on more than one character within the same show. That’s exactly why “Law & Order” fans lovingly (and ironically) refer to them as “repeat offenders.”

In the legal world, a “repeat offender” is anyone who commits the same crime more than once. Old-school fans will remember the nickname from Fan Forum threads while newer fans probably stick to Reddit for their theories.

Even the official Wolf Entertainment Twitter account joined in on the fun. They shared this tweet with “repeat offender” Brian Kerwin who plays Roger Murray on the series.

Check it out:

If you read the full conversation on Twitter, the thread actually details a handful of other “repeat offenders” from the series. Fans also point out the phenomena with “SVU’s” Kelli Giddish, which you can read more about here.

How the Fans Really Feel About Actors Taking on Multiple Roles Within the Franchise

In the same Fan Forum thread as above, fans debated how they really felt about the situation. One wrote:

“I know it bothers many people when the same actor is used for different roles…however, with the quality of actor that the L&O shows usually attract, I can live with it. It’s especially effective when they take an actor who usually portrays the heavy and has them play a victim or innocent party.”

They also posed this theory:

“In some cases, it seems these guest spots are some sort of audition for a permanent role. After all, four actors who have guest-starred have become…regular cast members.”

They cited several actors as examples:

“S. Epatha Merkerson (L&O), Diane Neal (SVU), Bebe Neuwirth (TBJ) and Amy Carlson (TBJ).”