‘Law & Order’: Here Are the Highest Fan-Rated Episodes

by Madison Miller

Despite being off the TV (dun dun, for now) the original “Law & Order” series was popular in its own right.

It had to have been, seeing as that universe and TV concept spawned other successful spin-off series. That includes “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” for starters.

The Dick Wolf series first aired on NBC in September of 1990 and became an incredibly popular crime procedural drama. Clearly, seeing as it lasted a total of 20 seasons before leaving TV in 2010. After a 10 year break, “Law & Order” is coming back with a 21st season in February 2022. That means there is no better time to reflect on some of the best episodes of the original series.

Recently, Reddit fans decided to discuss what some of their favorite episodes from the franchise are. One fan came up with a pretty core selection from “Law & Order.” Some of which include “Drowned and the Saved” from season 19, “Red Ball” from season 16, and “We Like Mike” from season 7.

For reference, “The Drowned and the Saved” is about a murder investigation that ends up being connected to the governor’s wife. Jack McCoy ends up in a tricky situation as he navigates a scandal revolving around the governor and the open Senate seat that he is trying to get elected for.

One of the highlighted episodes happened to be “C.O.D.” from season 14. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, the plot may. This is the episode where Jerry Orbach made his last appearance in the “Law & Order” world as Detective Lennie Briscoe. He passed away in 2004 from cancer. He was one of the most beloved parts of the “Law & Order” universe.

According to IMDb, however, the top-rated episode of all-time is “Aftershock.” This is an episode from season six of “Law & Order.” It shows the team in one of its most vulnerable states. McCoy, Kincaid, Briscoe, and Curtis all witness the execution of an inmate and react in very different, yet extreme ways. For one of the characters, it ends up being a pretty tragic night.

Revival of Original Series

Seeing as the spin-off series has been doing very well on TV, Dick Wolf and other executives have decided to give the original “Law & Order” another more modern life.

So, what is there to expect from the upcoming revival so far?

According to Deadline, Odelya Halevi is a series regular on the show and will play Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun when the show airs on Thursday nights. She is supporting a long and very important tradition in the “Law & Order” world. She is amongst several female ADAs that have appeared on the show. That includes Angie Harmon, Elisabeth Röhm, and Annie Parisse.

Other cast additions include Jeffrey Donovan as an NYPD detective, Hugh Dancy as an Assistant District Attorney, and Camryn Manheim as Lt. Kate Dixon.